School Profile

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St. Mark’s enrolls approximately 100 new students each year.

In 2013-2014, we welcomed 357 students total, with 76 percent boarding and 24 percent day. The student body included 73 international students, as defined by primary residence.

Class Size and Academic Schedule

Class Size
The average size class is 10 students. The student teacher ratio is 5:1, and all teaching faculty live on campus.

Academic Schedule
St. Mark's operates on a two-semester calendar year with exams in January and June. A minimum load of five courses is required; it is highly unusual for a student to carry six courses. Classes meet six days a week, including half-days on Wednesday and Saturdays. A full day is divided into seven, 45-minute periods.



For 2013-2014, tuition is set at $50,975 for boarding students and $40,700 for day students

Diploma Requirements

In order to graduate, students must complete four years of English, one year of courses in both the arts and religion, three years in mathematics (Algebra I and II and Geometry), three years of one language, two years of lab science, and U.S. History.



St. Mark’s is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Affiliations include the National Association of Independent Schools, the College Entrance Examination Board, and the National Association for College Admission Counseling.



While we do not offer merit-based scholarships, 28 percent of the student body receives financial aid on the basis of demonstrated need. Families should contact Director of Financial Aid David Lubick at Please note that admission decisions are made separate from financial aid decisions. Thus, no applicant is disadvantaged for applying for financial aid.


Dress Code

While we do not require coats and ties, we do expect our students to conform to a dress code best described as “neat casual.” No jeans are allowed, and boys must wear collared shirts. Girls can wear either dresses, skirts, or dress pants. Sneakers are allowed.


Student leadership Opportunities

St. Markers have ample opportunity to assume leadership roles. Each year, seven VIth Formers lead the student body as monitors — senior members of Student Congress that run twice-weekly school meetings and meet weekly with the deans and head of school. The Admission Office selects a number of students to aid its efforts, as admission prefects, big brothers and sisters to incoming students, and orientation team members. Leadership opportunities also exist through the Alumni/ae Office, the chapel program, the Deans’ Office, and dormitories. To prepare St. Markers for the many opportunities available, the dean of students conducts spring and fall leadership training sessions to assist students in developing skills and to encourage them to engage in strategic planning.


Community Gatherings

In addition to special occasions throughout the year — such as Athletic Awards, addresses from the Head of School, and guest speakers — the school community gathers in its entirety several times a week. Twice weekly, on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, the monitors run a school meeting, at which community members share announcements and good cheer with one another. Also twice weekly, the school community gathers in chapel: Tuesday and Friday mornings. Once a month there is an evening Chapel as well. These services end with a prayer and often feature guest speakers addressing timely issues.



St. Mark's is affiliated with the Episcopal Church and rooted in that tradition. At the same time, our students, faculty and staff come from many varied faith and non-faith traditions, and we encourage and support them in that diversity. Our required twice-weekly chapel service is open and interfaith in style and structure. It is not a church service but a school chapel service, hosting a variety of student, faculty and outside speakers and performers. St. Mark's students are also required to study World Religions and Philosophy or Ethics for two semesters.