Art, whether in performance or in the gallery, represents a union of craft and expression. St. Mark’s students learn the language of art through skills acquisition in drama, music, and visual art.

We hope that through coursework in one or more arts courses, students will become more critical listeners, better informed viewers, and experienced in their chosen course of study. Across the St. Mark’s campus, art enhances life within the community: We learn about each other—as artists, as musicians, as actors, as friends—through what we do.

Barbara Putnam:

"Navigating (storms in) the Sea of Tranquility" with Deborah Cornell, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, March 2012
Exhibition of prints and Studio Quilts at Gallery Harmonia, Jyväskylä, Finland, March-April 2011
Two original woodcuts in the Denver Art Museum exhibitionWestern Horizons, Selections from the Contemporary Realism Collection, through October 3, 2011
Exhibition of original prints and quilts in Gallery Harmonia’s Centre for Printmaking, in Jyväskylä, Finland. Exhibition runs through April 3, 2011
Exhibition of original woodcuts at Turtle Gallery, Deer Isle, Maine

MIT, Cambridge , Guest lecturer, “Expeditions: Observations, Recording, Science Nov. 2011
Haystack Center for Community Programs, “Drawing on Fishing” mixed media, Jan. 2011

Keskisuomalainen, Kultuuri, “Kuolleita Kaloja” Barbara Putnam: Puupiirroksilla
ja seinävaatteilla on Ekologinen Sanoma. March 2011

Taught a drawing/mixed media workshop for Haystack's Center Workshops, February 2011
Led workshop at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland entitledGeometry and Print and the other at Jyväskylän Grafikkakeskus calledBeyond Woodcut, March 2009
Led a workshop at the University of Southern Maine entitledConnectivity, July 2009

2012-2013 On sabbatical leave, Bowdoin College Coastal Studies Scholar, Artist in Residence Participant in The Arctic Circle expeditionary residency program, October 2012

Publication: Article written about Putnam’s work, Barbara Putnam: la Naturaleza Desde el Interior, published in Grabado y Ediciòn, March 2008

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