Classics Diploma

Studengs who successfully complete three years of one Classical language and two of the other earn the distinction of the Classics Diploma, written in Latin, and the honor of wearing a laurel wreath on Prize Day. The department accepts credits in either language earned prior to entrance to St. Mark’s, so a student may not be required to take all five courses at St. Mark’s.

Recent Classics Diploma graduates have gone on to study at such colleges as Bowdoin, Brown, Bryn Mawr, Colby, Hamilton, Harvard, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Middlebury, Stanford, Swarthmore, and Tufts.


Classical Diploma Recipients

2011: Alexander Santangelo

2010: Geoffrey Smith, Abigail Jackson, Stephen McNeil, Leigh Patterson, Andrew Labidini

2009: Louise Akers, Ashlinn Brennan, Jacqueline Drew, Hannah Jarmolowski, Sam Lawfer, Gordon Stanton

2008: Will Alisberg, Sam Clarke, Elisabeth Denison, Trevor Donnelly, Katherine Gallagher, Morgan Markey, Shelby McBride, Julia McGovern, Max Metcalfe, Robert Slamin

2007: Torey Akers, Andrew Cobb, Margaret Estes, Tony Fazio, John LoVerme, Katrina Tamvakologos

2006: Jacquelyn DeWolfe, Josiah Hatch, Olivia Hunt, Matthew Mason, Toffer Noering

2005: Olatokunbo Adegboro, Lawrence Delaney, Julia King, Lily Mulcahy, Cassie Sullivan, Jessica Weigel

2004: Patricia Branch, Carrie Bryant, Elizabeth Cavanaugh, Alycia DeAngelis, Kristen Fleming, Kevin Tierney

2003: Lauren Crisman; Emily Lewis

2002: Hadley Dinardo, Desmond Kidney, Renee Levesque, Zachary Pike, Chauncey Pratt

2001: Jennifer Hogan, William Saul, Maximilian Silvestri

2000: Owen Fertel

1999: Allison Lorentzen, Jonathan Young