History & Social Sciences

R.G. Collingwood, a British philosopher, suggested that history is an inquiry that, in instructing us about what we have done, helps us understand who we are.

At St. Mark’s, the History Department exposes students not only to facts, but also to the imaginative process of under­standing and evalu­ating the significance of those facts in the light of the present day. This process is a catalyst for intel­lectual growth, for it broadens and enriches one’s perception of human activity as it sharpens one’s powers of analysis and communication.

St. Mark’s Faculty Publications Revised March 2011

Laura Warren, Anthropology Teacher:

The Iban Diaries of Monica Freeman 1949-1951, Including Ethnographic Drawings, Sketches, Paintings, Photographs and Letters, published by the Borneo Research Council, December 2009

Publication: Article on the Inuit in Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia, by Ken Albala, May 2011

Publication: Entries on seal flipper pie, wichetty grubs, pickled walrus in They Eat That?: A Cultural Encyclopedia of Weird and Exotic Food from around the World by Jonathan Deutsch Ph.D. and Natalya Murakhver, July 2011