St. Mark’s seeks to develop students’ abilities in key areas. Students attending St. Mark’s are challenged:

  • To be resilient and resourceful

  • To learn deeply & think critically
  • To be creative problem-solvers with an  understanding of the importance of inquiry
  • To develop intellectual self-confidence and  curiosity
  • To communicate and listen effectively
  • To operate with integrity and honesty
  • To develop necessary skills to live in a diverse community and global world
  • To develop healthy habits of mind, body,  and spirit

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 The St.Mark’s curriculum is built on several pillars of pedagogy and learning designed to challenge and support our students: 

College Preparation

Students will gain the necessary skills to be successful in a collegiate setting. Our younger students begin with basic skills and move on to higher order skills development as they advance through the curriculum. They enhance their ability to master developmentally appropriate skill sets such as critical/analytical thinking, logical argumentation, effective writing, and close observation. Students are exposed to a foundational core curriculum designed to sharpen skills and habits of mind upon which to build their secondary school and college careers.

Diverse Curricular Offerings

Students encounter a diversity and breadth of curricular experiences. Our diverse faculty work collaboratively and also maintain pedagogical freedom that enriches student learning experiences.  

Collaborative Learning

Our students and faculty work closely together and are engaged in collaborative work across the curriculum. Group work is a part of course design and students are encouraged to extend cooperative work to other areas outside of the classroom. 

Spiritual Center

Built into our curriculum is the two-semester religion requirement signaling the importance of intellectual inquiry of spiritual matters and discussion of ideals such as integrity, compassion, and spiritual cultivation. 

Exploring the World Beyond Campus

Our students are encouraged to discover the world beyond Southborough whether locally or abroad. Teachers explore global perspectives within our curriculum and regularly engage our students beyond the classroom on local day trips or by taking students to countries abroad.

Nat Waters

Dean of Academics
[email protected]