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The STEM Research Fellowships offer students the chance for deep exploration of their own particular area of interest, while fostering real world skills needed for high-level scientific research. Students are selected through a competitive application process, and these Fellows work with faculty mentors and outside mentors to design and conduct their own experiments and apply their research to real-world challenges. In the spring of 2014, the STEM Fellows presented their research for the first time at the Annual Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair at MIT. More than 400 projects were entered, and barely 20% of them earned special honors of any kind. Ten of eleven St. Markers were recognized for their achievements, an extraordinary accomplishment and testament to this signature St. Mark’s STEM program.

Successful Year for SM Taft STEM Fellowship Program

The Taft STEM Fellowship program at St. Mark's experienced a highly successful academic year in 2016-17. There were a dozen Taft STEM Fellows this year, all of whom engaged in challenging research projects ranging from neurobiology to computer science to engineering. Several excelled at both the Regional and Massachusetts Science Fair competitions.

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Six SM STEM Fellows Recognized, Nia Quinones '15 Takes Top MA Science Fair Honors at MIT

Last week, six St. Mark's STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-and-Mathematics) Fellows were recognized with prizes at the annual Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair, with Nia Quinones '16 earning top honors. Held on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, the Fair showcases the top 300 science and engineering projects from around the state.

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