Technology facilitates learning at St. Mark’s School. We understand the Internet offers endless opportunities for academic research and self-enrichment. Accordingly, we have invested significant resources to build a state-of-the-art campus network comparable to many college networks. Wireless and wired access is available throughout our 250-acre campus. Underground, high-speed fiber optic cabling runs throughout the campus and serves as the network’s backbone. All dorm rooms have both wired and wireless high-speed access to the Internet. Students have access to dozens of computer kiosks, as well as specialized computer labs, laptop carts, ipads, “smart” classrooms, and a comprehensive e-learning web portal. In short, we know the value smart use of technology brings to the pedagogical process.

From your computer, you can listen to WSMR streaming audio, submit papers and assignments online, check out what’s for dinner as well as St. Mark’s latest sports scores and schedules, view foreign language instruction videos, IM your parents, and collaborate with your peers in classroom discussion forums, just to mention a few activities.

The technology department provides a full range of desktop support services for teachers and administrative offices.  We also provide limited support for students.

St. Mark’s School offers a Tech Prefect program for students interested in helping their peers use technology. In return, participants gain a practical understanding of Internet routing, computer desktop support, web programming and design and sophisticated A/V technology. Tech Prefects also play an important role in the development of the website you’re visiting now. It’s this kind of real world application of technology solving real world problems and helping others in the process that we’re most proud of. If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Tech Prefect program, please email Lynette Sumpter at [email protected].