The alumni/ae of a school are, in a real sense, the product of that school, and, in many ways, a measure of its worth. They are also the beneficiaries of a special experience and, as such, have responsibility to perpetuate that experience for those students who come after them. It is in this spirit and commitment that the Alumni/ae Executive Committee exists as a reservoir of interest and advice for those who are charged with responsibility for the School.


To advance the interests of St. Mark's School by promoting a close relationship between the School and its alumni/ae body, thereby assuring that the resources of the alumni/ae- spiritual, intellectual and material - are made available to the school to the greatest extent possible.


  • To develop target initiatives which closely link St. Mark’s and its alumni/ae body, fostering ongoing interest and loyalty among the School's growing number of graduates.
  • To provide resources and information to keep primary volunteers informed and interested in the School and its development.
  • To support key admission, development and special initiatives important to the success and perpetuation of the institution.
  • To identify initiatives and honor alumni/ae (and extended family) and their contributions within the School community.
  • To represent the School and the alumni/ae body well and often.

The Association of St. Mark’s School 
Committee Members

Executive Committee

Tarah Donoghue Breed ‘00 
President, Trustee

Anne A. Verplanck ‘76
Vice President

Bruce Morgan ‘70
Chair of the SM Annual Fund

Trevor Donnelly '08
Chair of the SM Young Alumni Annual Fund, CAVC, YALC


Eric Rosenberger '63, AHoF

Bob Masland ’68, AHoF

Matthew Pease ’69, CAVC

Lita Haack ’73, P’05, CAVC

Emma Battle ‘79, CAVC

Michael B. Moore ‘80, Trustee

Josiah Emery ‘82

Matthew Chamberlin ’84, Trustee

Sara Barker Levensohn ’84, AHoF

Julie Merritt ’96, Networking

Army Robinson ‘96

Heather Kellett Godsmark ’97, Networking

Dominic Carbone ’11, CAVC