Lions Pride Newsletters



Spring 2013

Meet Two Reunion-Year Class Agents

What does it mean to you to be a Class Agent? Being a class agent has been great as it has not only given me the opportunity to see and catch up with my fellow class agents (Betsey, Emily, Mike and Phil), but it also has been such a bonus to keep tabs on how the school itself has changed...


Winter 2013

Jonathan Moniz '91 Talks Business, Technology, and Age Quod Agis

Tell us about the company you founded, DOHK.
Founded in 2003, DOHK is a software development consultancy that conceives, designs, builds and scales software solutions. We are currently obsessed with mobile, with a slight preference for Apple, but we also specialize in other platforms such as...


Fall 2012

As an alumnus from the Class of 2011, I try to stay as involved as possible. Through my work as a class agent, a development office summer intern, and a member of the Alumni/ae Executive Committee, I have been able to remain deeply connected to the School. I do my best to stay involved, because I am incredibly thankful for the education I received, and the quality of the relationships I was able to form.  READ MORE



St. Mark's alumnus and award-winning comedian, actor, writer, and director Mike Birbiglia '96 was this year's Prize Day speaker. The 1996 Lion recognized Birbiglia for his "Great Sense of Humor!", foreshadowing his subsequent successful career. In his speech, Mike shared humorous experiences and good advice with the Prize Day audience.


Spring 2012

On behalf of the Alumni/ae Executive Committee (AEC) Athletic Hall of Fame Subcommittee, I am proud to announce the six very deserving men and women who will be honored at the Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremony on June 16, 2012.


Winter 2012

St. Mark's ice hockey has a rich history and winning tradition. It seems like yesterday that I was holding the Barber Bowl with my teammates in 1983, then...


Fall 2011

At the most recent Board of Trustees meeting on October 1, the Board voted unanimously to approve the 2020 Strategic Plan. Some of you may have noticed the photo albums on the St. Mark's Facebook page of recent events in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., New York and Boston where Head of School John Warren '74 has been introducing...

Summer 2011

I remember seeing them year after year, casting an ominous presence upon the neighborhood. Two huge abandoned buildings sitting along West 145th Street in Harlem, while behind them lay a vast empty lot. Together, they voraciously consumed the entire square...

Spring 2011

Although ten years had passed since my graduation from St. Mark's, the feelings of anxiety and anticipation which accompanied every drive back to St. Mark's started to return: feelings I had not experienced since making the trip back to campus after that last spring break of my sixth form year. I remember the lump in my throat that the less confident...

Winter 2010

If ever I meet someone and through the course of conversation we realize we both went to St. Mark's, I find I automatically like the person. It's not logical. When I was asked to be on the AEC my first thought was, "Sure, how can I help!" But, wait, I'm reeeally busy!  

Fall 2010

Over the last few years I have reengaged with St. Mark's after about 25 years of not being back. During that hiatus, I didn't feel particularly disaffected from the school; its just that, as with many of us, I had blinders on – pursuing degrees, bouncing around the country chasing career opportunities, and nurturing a young family. With all that, I just never made it back. 

Summer 2010

Reunion is coming! Reunion is coming! In just a few short days, many of your classmates will be coming by land and air back to Southborough. If you are from any class ending in years 0 and 5, then this is your chance to reconnect.

Spring 2010

I think many of us can remember that one big game on Lawrence or Belmont Field where you won the match-up that no one expected you to win. You might have been on a "young team" or it was a "re-building year" for the Lions. But with some belief and some grit, you and your team defied all expectations and pulled off a win. How fun were those games?

Winter 2009

The Athletic Hall of Fame Selection Committee is proud to announce that they will be honoring three of the School's past athletes this spring with induction into St. Mark's Athletic Hall of Fame. These athletes have not only had an outstanding athletic career at St. Mark's and beyond, but are role models of sportsmanship, leadership and teamwork.

Fall 2009

As sailors know, "fetch" describes the powerful effect of wind on water over time and distance. The ingredients are wind blowing steadily, from the same direction, over a wide body of water, for a long time. Taken together, these forces produce the largest waves (absent geological shocks). Henry Large's 44-year teaching and coaching career has had the same powerful effect on St. Markers.

Summer 2009

This has been an unusually cool and wet summer in Southborough. It certainly hasn't felt much like summer with temperatures hovering in the low to mid 70's and hail falling on the Hopkinton Country Club golf course. Imagine the Cage underwater and Belmont Field looking remarkably like a large pond with a gaggle of geese enjoying the downpour.