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Mission Statement: To create a community where all members have the essential tools to be their best selves, so that they can be physically, emotionally and socially prepared to make healthy lifestyle choices. To have a Wellness Program that educates and empowers everyone at St. Mark’s to be self-advocates as they journey towards leading lives of leadership and service.

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Sleep is vital to your well-being, as important as the air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat. It can even help you to eat better and manage the stress of being a teen. Sleeping can help you perform better in academics, athletics and over all well being.

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Faculty Assisting Student Team (FASTeam) is resource available to all St. Mark's students.

The purpose of FASTeam is to care for any St. Mark's student who may be struggling with a variety of different issues by using the appropriate health related supports. It is a non-disciplinary resource that you can use to ensure that your friends and peers are safe and have access to adult support.

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In the St. Mark's Community, relationships are everything. As social media expands, it is important that we recognize that our words and presence on-line can negatively impact our students ability to socially and emotionally interact.

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