Campus Map

At St. Mark’s School, you’ll experience the “School Under One Roof.”

St. Mark’s is a community where people greet you by name with easy familiarity. The school’s physical design enhances this sense of community: Enter the main academic building through the Cloisters to begin your school day, and you won’t have to leave again, unless you want to. Once inside, classrooms, the book store, language and computer labs, Belmont Chapel, Forbes Student Center, and the dining hall are all within easy reach.

This “school under one roof” concept is reinforced with all-school gatherings on every school day. The St. Mark’s community comes together for Tuesday evening and Thursday morning chapel, at weekly all-school meetings on Wednesdays and Saturdays in the student center, and at Dorm and Form meetings, held on varying days.

St. Mark’s is a place where students and faculty know one another well. In this supportive environment, students are more willing to explore new activities. Atheltic teams, choral groups, and student organizations are accessible enough that St. Markers feel free to experiment with the broad spectrum of cocurricular offerings.