American Association of German Teachers Recognizes 20 St. Markers for Achievement on National Exam

Posted: May 3, 2012

“Out of 24 St. Mark’s students took the American Association of German Teachers exam (German II – IV), 20 (83%) will receive recognition,” reported German teacher Lee Wells. The results are based on percentile scores and not percentage scores.

Six students scored above the 90th percentile to receive a Gold certificate and will be awarded medals at next week’s AATG Award Ceremony at the Boylston Schulverein. They are: Aileen Aebischer ‘15, Jonathan Cox ‘12, David Eacho ‘14, Mimi Gualtieri ‘12, Susannah Krapf ‘13, and Mathilde Sauquet ‘14.

Three students will receive Silver certificates, for scoring between the 80th – 89th percentile, five students will receive Bronze certificates for scoring between the 70th and 79th percentile, and six will receive certificates of achievement.

Aileen Aebischer, a III Former from Wellesley, MA, achieved Gold (top 10% nationwide) honors in both German and Spanish; an impressive linguistic accomplishment.

Last year 18 St. Markers received national recognition in German.