CLASSICS PROJECT 2012: Ancient Olympics with a Chariot Race!

Posted: May 23, 2012

This year, VI Former Alex Santangelo and V Former Michael Hoffman Alex and Michael in Ms. Cook’s Greek II class decided to host the Ancient Greek Olympics for St. Mark’s School as their Classics Diploma project. The Olympiad consisted of four events: the stadion, hoplitodromos, discus hurl, and finally, a chariot race! The two students revealed information about the ancient games and facts about individual events each week preceding the games, in order to educate the community about classical culture and to get everyone ready to enjoy the games. In class, they also read from the poet Pindar, who composed victory odes, or epinicians to ancient athletes and their patrons.

On Sunday, May 20, the race took place on Belmont Field. Hoffman, Santangelo and their "horses"-- other St. Mark's students-- raced to their places. Santangelo's chariot-- with “horsemen” Eric Dolan '12 and Pat Judy '13-- won. Hoffman's chariot threw a wheel, and had to be carried over the finish line by driver Hoffman and his two trusty "steeds".

There was interest from many people who participated or observed the games to make the St. Mark’s Greek Olympics an annual tradition. As Peter Duffy '12 said, “I wish we had this every weekend.”