Music Enriches End-of-Year Experience for St. Markers

Posted: May 28, 2012

the week leading up to Prize Day, the St. Mark’s community was enriched by a series of musical performances. The melodious magic began with a Hinkle Room concert on May 21, followed by the traditional VI Form Concert on May 25 in the Class of 45 Hall. On Sunday morning, May 27, the St. Mark’s Choir was impressively in evidence at the Baccalaureate Service, and that evening a sdpectacular End-of-Year Concert capped seven days of music at St. Mark’s.

On May 21 at 1 PM in the Hinkle Room, a number of students performed, including Amy Ahn ‘14, Hughie Auchincloss ’14 , Emily Brown ‘14, Samantha Butterfield ‘15, Jason Cavanagh ‘14, Felix Chan ’13, Vicky Hwang ’13, Sera Park ’13, and Jonathan Qu ‘15.

Seven different VI Formers performed at the annual VI Form Concert on May 25. The Class of 45 Hall resounded with the artistry of Christine Jay (voice), Rhys Athayde (voice), Shelly Deroski (voice), Heather Piekarz (voice and guitar), Nialah Ferrer (voice), Mimi Gualtieri (voice, accompanied by V Former Sera Park on guitar), and Adam Cimpeanu (piano), featuring music from Wolfie, Fred Alan, the Dixie Chicks, Steve & Mike, and more.

At the traditional Baccalaureate Service on the Sunday morning before Prize Day, the St. Mark’s Choir sang Giovanni Battista Martini’s Domine, Ad Adjuvandum Me Festina, featuring solos from Mimi Gualitieri ’12, Rhys Athayde ’12, Nialah Ferrer ’12, and Dan Stephans ’12. Adam Cimpeanu ’12 also played the organ, while Mr. Berryman directed. Emily Brown ’14, Varun Shankar '14, and Jonathan Qu ’15 were the string accompanists.

That same evening, in the Class of 1945 Hall, was the End-of-Year Concert. The Jazz Band, Cat’s Meow, Octet, Winds & Strings, and Choir all performed, featuring music from Bernstein, Oracle Hysterical, Backseat, Charlie Parker, Moondance, Road Home, Mongoose, Amo Amas, Jai Ho, and the Best of All Possible Worlds. This event was a fitting end-note to a week of musical offerings heading in to Prize Day and to a year-long journey accompanied by the sounds of wonderful music made by St. Markers.

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