Posted: June 19, 2012

The Class of 1977 from the Southborough School for Girls celebrated its roots on the Saturday of Reunion Weekend, when it hosted a special luncheon and Town Meeting at Choate House.

Fearn Cutler deVicq, Chloe Monzani, Georgia Chafee Nassikas, Amy Gurney Nicholas, Joanne Terry Swanson, Hope Leeson, and Annie Lloyd-Witte, all members of the SS Class of 1977, were joined by Mary Currier SS '76 as well as SM Senior Master Andy Harris (originally on the faculty of the Southborough School) and current SM receptionist Sandra Campbell (originally on the Southborough School staff). They also invited Heather Piekarz, SM Class of 2012, the most frecent recipient of the Pierson F. Melcher Prize, given in honor of the founding Headmaster of the Southborough School and awarded by the St. Mark’s faculty “to that girl who through clarity of expression, effectiveness of logic, and sense of community well-being best exemplifies the tradition and spirit of the New England town meeting”.

A regular Town Meeting-- where students, faculty, and staff each had an equal say in policy discussions and decisions-- was a memorable feature of the Southborough School experience. The Southborough School opened its doors in the autumn of 1972, and for five full years it was a uniquely progressive and democratic institution, a pioneer in coordinate education and the catalyst for St. Mark's becoming co-ed when it absorbed the Southborough School before the 1977-78 academic year.

On Saturday, June 16, 2012, along with Mrs. Lori Harris, Jordan Harris '11, Paul Harris '87, and Nick Noble '76 as guests, a luncheon was served to the returning Southborough School contingent in the Southborough School Room, adjacent to the St. Mark's Room at Choate House. There they watched a special slide show video set to the music of the Southborough School song, before adjourning to the lawn outside, next to the Southborough School Garden, for the first Southborough School "Town Meeting" in more than three decades. There the eight Southborough School graduates discussed how best to continue the legacy of Southborough School today at St. Mark's. Mr. Harris, Mrs. Campbell, Heather Piekarz, and Jordan Harris joined them in the Town Meeting conversation.

Later that evening, the Southborough School graduates joined their St. Mark's counterparts for the festive clambake and lobster dinner under the tent for Reunion Weekend.

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