BRANTWOOD CAMP: For 92 Years a St. Mark's Summer Service Experience

Posted: August 11, 2012

This summer, as in each of the last 91 summers, students from St. Mark's School have gone up to Brantwood Camp in Peterborough, NH, as volunteers working with inner-city youth. In addition, St. Mark's alumni and faculty are continually involved with the Camp in a variety of ways: as trustees, supporters, and advocates to the greater community.

In 2012, Juliana Sullivan '13, Patrick Judy '13, Ryan Alipour '14, and Jack Trevor '14 were among the St. Markers serving as volunteer counselors at Brantwood. Jason Kim '13 also volunteered this summer: it was his second year at Brantwood.

Brantwood was founded in 1904 as a summer retreat for boys sponsored by various Episcopal parishes in Massachusetts. Lacking manpower to staff its programs during the First World War, Brantwood was closed. In 1920, Brantwood reopened under the auspices of St. Mark's School, as a memorial to William H. Cheney, St. Mark's Class of 1916, who was killed in the war. Cheney's mother, Mrs. Mary Lyon Cheney Schofield, had been Chair of the original Brantwood Board at the time of its closing.

Since 1920, more than 1000 St. Markers have spent time up at Brantwood as volunteer counselors. Many went on to become members of the Permanent Staff, while more than two dozen have served as Director, Associate Director, or Assistant Director at Brantwood Camp over the years. In 1982, Brantwood started a program for girls, and today both Brantwood for Boys and Brantwood for Girls are thriving successfully on the slopes of North Pack Mountain in New Hampshire.