Week of October 1

Posted: October 11, 2012

Team of the Week:
Varsity girls’ cross country: The St. Mark’s Varsity girls’ cross country team went 3-0 this past week, defeating Lawrence Academy, Worcester Academy, and longtime rival Groton. On Wednesday, Samantha Buttrick ‘13 led the race from the beginning followed closely by Claire Benning ’15. Buttrick won her first race and set the course record on an altered Lawrence course. The efforts of Sandy Loomis ‘14 and Brynna Hall ’13 secured the wins as they pushed past runners and held off others in the final mile of the race. The final scoring runner was Lucy Ebersberger ‘15. Every runner ran their personal best for the season and several had personal records for their running careers. Benning and Hall both set career personal records, while several runners improved their race times by over a minute. On Friday, the Lions beat Groton at their first home race of the season. Buttrick once again led her team to victory by winning the race. Benning finished in third, while Hall and Loomis sealed the victory finishing in 5th and 6th place, respectively. Caroline Clark ‘13, Haley Jeon ‘14, Claire Seidler ‘14, Desmond Goodwin ‘16, Alice Chung ‘15, Wendy Hirata ‘16, Christiana Bell ‘15, and Nia Quinones ’15 all ran their best times of the season. The race and victory against Groton ended a very challenging, but successful week.

Student-Athlete of the Week:
Samantha Buttrick ‘13: Samantha Buttrick led the Varsity girls’ cross country team to three wins last week, finishing first overall in both races and setting a course record at Lawrence on Wednesday. Buttrick won both races after coming off an injury that kept her from racing the week before. During the Groton race, she displayed excellent sportsmanship by assuring the top runner from Groton stayed on course. Her time on the St. Mark’s course was her career best and very close to her overall personal record.

Varsity girls’ soccer, 3-3 tie with BB&N; 1-0 win over Brewster
JV girls’ soccer, 3-1 win over BB&N
Varsity boys’ cross country, 15-50 win over Lawrence; 26-29 win over Worcester; 21-38 win over St. Sebastian’s
Varsity girls’ cross country, 26-31 win over Lawrence; 22-33 win over Worcester, 26-30 win over Groton
JV boys’ cross country, 15-50 win over Lawrence, 26-33 win over Worcester, 15-30 win over St. Sebastian’s
Varsity boys’ soccer, 1-1 tie with Roxbury Latin
Varsity field hockey, 7-2 win over BB&N
JV field hockey, 5-0 win over BB&N
3rds girls’ soccer, 1-1 tie with Middlesex