History Dept. Chair David Lyons Honored with Stanford Teacher Tribute Initiative Recognition

Byline: Jack Dewey SM’12, Stanford’16 named Mr. Lyons for “constant inspiration"

Posted: October 30, 2012

This past Saturday, Head of School John C. Warren ‘74 presented St. Mark’s History Department chair David Lyons with a certificate of recognition from Stanford University, as part of Stanford’s Teacher Tribute Initiative. Each summer, the members of Stanford’s incoming freshman class are “given the opportunity to acknowledge a former teacher or mentor who played a significant role in their intellectual, academic, social, and personal development,” said Richard H. Shaw, Stanford’s Dean of Undergraduate Admission. Jack Dewey, a member of the St. Mark’s Class of 2012 and Stanford’s Class of 2016, named Mr. Lyons for this honor.

“From his wit and affable demeanor to the genuine enthusiasm and seriousness he brings to each class and practice,” wrote Dewey, “Mr. Lyons is a constant inspiration. As a coach, he introduced me to the joys of hard work, toughness, and teamwork, and as a teacher he opened my eyes to new worlds, to economics, politics, and culture. Each day with him is an opportunity to grow and mature as a human being. What’s more, he is always relaxed, ready to crack a joke, and remind us that life is a lot of fun.”

Mr. Warren, himself a Stanford alumnus, presented the Stanford certificate and Jack Dewey’s tribute to Mr. Lyons at All-School Meeting on the Library quad. “So many graduates have reported, like Jack Dewey, that David Lyons remains an inspiration,” observed the Head of School. “David kindles a lasting fascination in history even for those who enter his class a bit skeptical of the discipline. David also teaches essential lifelong lessons about resilience and seeking continual improvement, both in the classroom and on his athletic teams. And finally, as Jack so eloquently observes, students have fun with David, so important to bringing about the best learning.”