Belmont Chapel

The beautiful and historical Belmont Chapel is sacred space where the entire St. Mark’s community gathers twice weekly.

Beautiful and intimate, Belmont Chapel provides a sacred space, set aside from the rest of our busy, achievement-oriented lives, that grounds and informs the heart, soul, and spirit of the St. Mark’s community. As a memorial to St. Markers who served their country in the first World War, Belmont Chapel reminds the community that theirs is a heritage rich in tradition and mindful of sacrifice.

 The community is seated in a collegiate or choir style, facing one another, to emphasize the corporate nature of the service and to encourage the active participation of all in attendance.  Students of all ages serve as wardens, acolytes and readers, and oversee the activity of the chapel through the work of the Interfaith Chapel Council. 

The “crypt” space underneath the chapel is set up for seated, candlelit meditation, and is very popular with students from many religious and non-religious backgrounds.