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Although St. Mark’s has grown well beyond the one-building schoolhouse of its founding, the concept of an integrated community of learners living with one another in an intimate setting is still the essence of the St. Mark’s experience.

Every day, within the walls of the Main Building, students attend classes, socialize over meals in the dining hall, and enjoy community-building events, such as weekend activities and twice-weekly all-school meetings. Just a few steps through the cloisters is Belmont Chapel, in which we contemplate fundamental questions. Also nearby is the Center for the Arts, in which we savor student concerts and theater productions, and the Michel Faculty Athletic Center and numerous playing fields, the setting for a plethora of thrilling sporting contests.

Students and faculty have frequent interaction here at St. Mark’s, creating a sense of comfort and fostering a feeling that the school community is indeed a family.

In this section of the website, you can find aspects of St. Mark’s life that enrich the school community. In addition to news articles, photo galleries, and a full calendar of upcoming events, Student Life offers a detailed look at the school’s residential life program, including weekly letters from the dean of students. You can learn more about the chapel program and an array of community service opportunities. Or, discover what our college counseling and technology programs have to offer students. For an even more detailed view of our community, peruse selections from student publications or download the latest issue of the St. Mark’s Magazine. You can even see what’s on tap in the dining hall.

So please, take a few moments and see what there is to experience Student Life then schedule a time to visit us in person!


David Vachris
Dean of Students
[email protected]