Residential Life

At one level, residential life at St. Mark’s is simply the experience of being part of a close community of students and adults living together in the process of learning. But it is also a part of the educational program through which students grow toward being balanced, confident, and responsible persons who know themselves, respect and care about others, and contribute to the communities of which they are a part.

Ourboarding students live with resident faculty and their families in dorms that provide a supportive place to study after the day’s classes, practices, and activities are over; the dorms are also a good place to relax and have fun. We seek to balance structure with the opportunity for individual choice by providing clear expectations and daily routines within which students learn to make good decisions.

A variety of resources help students in dealing with the issues that arise in day-to-day life, whatever they may be. In the dorms, dorm heads and resident faculty join other faculty members on the duty team in providing daily evening supervision. Student prefects and peer counselors are also important dorm resources when a listening ear is needed. Every student has an advisor with whom he or she meets at least weekly, and who helps in academic planning as well as with personal concerns. For other personal issues, the school counselors and chaplains are available and meet regularly with those who seek their assistance.

St. Mark’s students participate in various formal and informal programs and routines — some required and some voluntary — that offer support, help them to grow and to deal with common issues, and provide opportunities for developing interests and leadership ability.

Essentially, residential life at St. Mark’s consists of the opportunity to build important relationships, to develop confidence and learn to take responsibility for one’s self, and make a meaningful contribution to one’s communities. Our school motto — Age Quod Agis — represents our commitment to giving our best in doing what we do.

David Vachris 
Dean of Students