Endowment Funds

The Endowment Funds at St. Mark’s have had a significant impact on the educational opportunities and programs available to stu­dents. We are grateful to the many individuals and families who have contributed to these funds over the years.

A. A. Jones Family Fund
An endowment to support student international travel.
A. deBary Lyon Fund
Income used in first instance for St. Mark’s fellowship or divided between two or more fellowship holders.
Aguirre Edwards Memorial Fund
Income designated for scholarship use.
Akin Lecture Fund
To provide income for Great Lecture Series; income for speakers on “International Understanding.”
Albert Emerson Benson Memorial Fund
Income to benefit upkeep and maintenance of Benson Auditorium.
American Foundation for Art Research
Funds to maintain salaries of interns.
Anthony Howard Hinkle Jr. Fund
To be used for the maintenance of the Hinkle Common Room.
Anthony M. Gherin-Ghelli Scholarship Fund
An endowed fund to provide financial aid for worthy and needy students.
Antony and Elsa Hill Fund
This endowed fund was created by gifts at the time of their retirement as Heads of School. Income is to be used to support financial aid for a stu­dent or students from an area of the world not presently represented by our students.
A. Watson Armour III Educational Fund
An endowed fund to provide income in support of new educational pro­grams, courses or activities.
A. Watson Armour III Mathematics Chair
Established as a mathematics chair by Mr. and Mrs. A. Watson Armour III ’27. Recipient: Richard J. Umiker, Assistant Head of School/Dean of Faculty.
A. Watson Armour III Sabbatical Fund
Established through a trust from A. Watson Armour III ’27, income to ben­efit the St. Mark’s School sabbatical program.
A. Watson Armour III Scholarship
An endowed financial aid fund for a deserving student of character who makes significant contributions outside the classroom.
A. Watson Armour III Scholars Program
This scholarship was established through a trust from A. Watson Armour III ’27 to recognize third- and fourth-formers who possess outstanding abil­ity and have demonstrated academic achievement.
A. Watson Armour III Senior Chair
A fully funded faculty chair established through a lead trust from A. Watson Armour III ’27. Future distributions will complete the funding.
Recipient: Adel Fahmy I. Mikhail, member of the Mathematics Department.
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Barber Scholarship
An endowment fund to provide income for deserving girls or boys in mem­ory of former Headmaster and Mrs. Barber.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Barlow Jr. Chair
An endowed teaching chair in honor of former Head of School and Mrs. Mark Barlow. Recipient: Matthew J. Hartnett, Chair of the Classics Department.
Barlow Endowment
Established to honor Mark and Jane Barlow, this fund provides income for moral and ethical education at St. Mark’s.
Barry W. Richardson Scholarship Fund
Established to provide financial assistance to a student identified by A Better Chance or similar program.
Beatrice Marr Fund
Established through a bequest from Mrs. Marr, the income is to be used by the Headmaster to support faculty and staff in emergencies.
Bettina Garthwaite Lowerre Scholarship
An endowed financial fund with preference given to a girl who shows exceptional interest and promise in the area of scientific study.
Beveridge Fund
In memory of Albert J. Beveridge ’27, income used for scholarships.
Brantwood Camp Fund
Income to be used for the upkeep of Brantwood Camp.
Breck Art Fund
Principal created by the sale of artwork, the income is to be used for the restoration and security of the school’s artwork.
Cabot Fund
Income for works of art – principal and interest used at the discretion of Trustees to buy and install antique or modern architectural ornamental detail in the school building or grounds.
Carey Art Endowment
Established in honor of former faculty member Eve Carey, the income is to be used to support materials for ceramics as well as visits by guest lecturers.
Chapel Fund
Income used for decoration and maintenance of the Chapel.
Chapel Renovations
Charles E. Merrill Trust
Principal and income restricted to support the Performing Arts Center.
Charles E. Merrill Trust Scholarship Fund
Used for scholarship for students of Protestant faith.
Charles Hayden Foundation
Scholarship aid limited to deserving youth from New York and Boston met­ropolitan areas.
Chicago Area Scholarship
Income from scholarship for a qualified student of color from
the Chicago area.
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Mabley Chair
An endowed teaching chair in honor of former Head of School and Mrs. Chris Mabley. Recipient: Esther Sanchez, Chair of the Modern Language Department.
Class of 1934 Lecture Fund
Income to be used for Spring Seminar for the sixth form.
Class of 1937 Fund
Income to be used for Fall Seminar for the sixth form.
Class of 1941 Faculty Fund
– Edward E. Ford Foundation Grant (1990)
Established to provide financial assistance for living expenses of faculty on summer or graduate study.
Class of 1946 Fund
Established at their 50th Reunion, income from this fund supports
faculty salaries.
Class of 1947 Shakespeare Fund
As part of their 50th Reunion gift to St. Mark’s, the Class of 1947 created this endowment to provide resources for the teaching of Shakespeare.
Class of 1953 50th Reunion Scholarship
Established to provide financial assistance to a student on the basis of need.
Class of 1956 – Jenkins Fund
An endowed fund, created by the Class of 1956 on their 50th reunion in memory of their Head Monitor, Jim Jenkins. Income is used to support faculty salaries and benefits.
Headmaster’s Discretionary Fund – Class of 1957
Income to be used at the discretion of the Headmaster.
Class of 1959 Scholarship Fund
On the occasion of their 40th Reunion, the Class of 1959 established this endowed financial aid fund.
Class of 1961 Fred Burr Fund
In memory of a faculty member, income to be used to honor the staff at St. Mark’s.
Class of 1968 V Form Fellowship Fund
This fund was given by the Class of 1968 to commemorate their 25th Reunion. Its income supports a fellowship program for a student the sum­mer before graduation.
Class of 1969 Technology Fund
Established by the Class of 1969 on the occasion of their 25th Reunion, this fund will support technological advancement in the academic depart­ments of the school.
Class of 1970 Scholarship Fund
On the occasion of their 25th Reunion, the class created this endowed scholarship fund.
Class of 1971 Scholarship Fund
On the occasion of their 25th Reunion, the class created this endowed fund to benefit student financial aid. The recipient is selected on the basis of his or her contribution to the welfare and cohesiveness of his or her class and to the school in general.
Class of 1975 Scholarship Fund
An endowed scholarship given by the Class of 1975 on the occasion of their 25th Reunion.
Class of 1999 Scholarship Fund
Established on the occasion of their graduation by the students and parents of the Class of 1999 to provide financial aid to a worthy student.
Class of 2000 Scholarship Fund
This scholarship was given by the Class of 2000 and their parents in honor of their graduation. Its income is to be used to support a student who is dedicated to community service.
Class of 2002 – September 11 Fund
To honor the victims of the Sept. 11 tragedy, this fund will provide finan­cial support to prospective St. Mark’s students who have been affected by a major catastrophic event.
Class of 2004 Softball Prize
To support a prize for softball
C. Nicholas Potter Prize Fund
To honor distinguished leadership by a member of the Board of Trustees, the award recipient will designate the income generated from this fund toward a school priority of his or her choice.
Coe Scholarship
Established by the family and friends of David Coe to support a student-athlete at St. Mark’s.
Community Service Fund
Income for the expenses of the community service programs at St. Mark’s.
Cutler Music Fund
In memory of Tim Cutler ’89, his family and friends established this fund to support music at St. Mark’s.
Dale Fabyan Memorial
Income for two awards at Prize Day, in memory of Dale Fabyan ’61.
Desmond FitzGerald Lecture Fund
Income for lectures that might include distinguished public servants.
Dr. and Mrs. Francis Parkman Fund
Established by the Parkman family and friends in memory of Headmaster and Mrs. Parkman, this fund is designated to assist in the employment of promising teacher-interns.
Dr. and Mrs. Thayer Fund
Income payable to Dr. and/or Mrs. Thayer during their lifetime. On death of survivor, money to go to the school – to be used for any purpose speci­fied by both Dr. and Mrs. Thayer.
Donald McKay Frost Jr. Fund
Income and, if necessary, principal applied to maintenance and repair of Sixth Form Room.
Eaton Memorial Library Fund
Established by several members of the Class of 1936 on the occasion of their 50th Reunion, in memory of Philip Eaton, a former faculty member.
Edward E. Ford Foundation Grant (1970)
Audiovisual support – salaries, equipment, repairs, and computers.
Edward Tuck Hall Scholarship Fund
Scholarship fund named for Edward Tuck Hall ’37, Headmaster from 1968 to 1974.
Elizabeth T. Elkins Fund
Income to be used to maintain the Field House, which was erected in memory of Mrs. Elkins’ two sons, as well as for flowers in the Field House during Alumni/ae Weekend.
Endowed Annual Giving Fund
Designated to support yearly annual giving.
Engel Cultural Fund
To honor Jay Engel on the occasion of his retirement from St. Mark’s School. The income from this fund will be used to support a wide variety of cultural programs.
Evill-Glavin Chair
Established by the Forbes Foundation, this chair recognizes two outstand­ing faculty members, William J. Evill and William K. Glavin. Recipient: Thomas N. Berryman III, Chair of the Music Department.
Faculty Athletic Center Fund
Income for the operation of the Faculty Athletic Center.
Faculty Development Fund
Established by George Kidder ’43 to provide income for faculty and cur­riculum development.
Faculty Salaries and Benefits Fund
To support faculty salaries and benefits.
Founder’s Chair
Established by Mrs. Joseph Burnett, this chair is in honor of the founder of St. Mark’s, Joseph Burnett. Recipient: Lee P. Wells, member of the Modern Languages Department, teaching German, and associate college counselor.
Founder’s Medal
An endowment created by members of Brigadier General Richard Henshaw’s (Class of 1930) family to provide income for the Founder’s Medal.
Frederick Cromwell Memorial Fund
Income used for purchasing mystery stories for the library.
Frelinghuysen Foundation Fund
Designated for current operations.
Frost Music Fund
Income to be used to bring musical entertainment to the school.
Gaccon Fund – Class of 1960
Established by the Class of 1960 in memory of William E. Gaccon, this fund is designed to foster professional growth of the St. Mark’s faculty.
Gardner Loan Fund
Income for loans for current students.
Garrison Ellis Fund
Given in memory of the founder of the St. Marker. Income is used to sup­port all student publications.
Mr. & Mrs. George O’Neill Chair
An endowed faculty chair. Established by Mr. and Mrs. George O’Neill to recognize a member of the faculty who excels at working with students in the classroom, the dormitory and the athletic field.
Guy Walker Fund
Income used only for the care and maintenance of the Guy Walker ’16 Collection of Rare Books.
H. Averell Gerry Jr. Scholarship
An endowed scholarship fund given in memory of H. Averell Gerry Jr. ’59 by his family, classmates, and friends to support a worthy student , prefer­ably a boy from Lake Delaware Boys Camp.
Hugo Loudon Travel Fund
Given by John Loudon, in memory of Hugo Loudon ’51, to support faculty travel.
Independence Foundation Chair
The school’s first endowed faculty chair, currently held by Andrew M. Harris, member of the English and Psychology Departments.
J. D. Cameron Bradley Hospital Fund
Income for the purchase of books or magazines for the Infirmary and Library.
J. Linzee Coolidge Annual
J. Lowell Bacon Hospital Fund
Income used for purchase of new equipment or other purposes as Head of School determines.
Joey Stack Memorial Scholarship Fund
Scholarship intended for St. Mark’s students who have been campers at Brantwood, but not limited to them.
John Ellis Knowles II Fund
Income used by the Headmaster to defray athletic equipment expenses for needy students.
John Goodyear Art Fund
Income to be used by the Art Department to purchase books or to finance any particular project that the department may undertake.
John Kean Fund
To be used as tuition for descendants of John or Robert Kean, or at the dis­cretion of the Trustees.
John P. B. Eddy – Class of 1977 Scholarship
Initially created in loving memory of John Post Boardman Eddy ’77 by his family and friends, this scholarship endowment is also given by John’s classmates on the occasion of their 25th Reunion. This fund is to be used to provide financial aid for a deserving student, with preference for some­one who has experienced a particular challenge in his or her young life.
John Reinhardt Fund
Income from this fund to be used for a visiting artist to demonstrate his/her work with students.
John Rufenacht Memorial Fund
For support of the French program.
John S. Newberry Jr. Scholarship Fund
Income used for scholarship aid.
Jonathan Dixon Room Fund
Income to be used to support the Dixon Room.
Katherine Kean Fund
Annual income to be used in providing scholarships for students with American tradition who might otherwise be unable to have the opportunity to attend St. Mark’s.
Kean Fellowship
Established by the Class of 1962 at their 25th Reunion in honor of their form advisor, Thomas Kean. This fund is to be used to sponsor a fellow­ship at St. Mark’s
Kidder Faculty Prize
In honor of George Kidder’s leadership as President of the Board of Trustees, his family established this prize to recognize a member of the fac­ulty or administration.
Laura Frey Prize
An endowed prize for a girls hockey player.
Lenti Family Scholarship Fund
Financial aid support for a worthy student.
Library Funds
Income or capital to be used for any purpose related to the Library.
Loblolly Environmental Fund
An endowed fund to support the teaching of environmental studies at St. Mark’s.
Lyman Crew Endowment
Established by Ronald T. Lyman Jr. ’24, the income is to be used to sup­port the crew program. Principal may be used for the renovation of the boathouse.
Lyman, Palmer and Field Memorial
Established by Thomas Bullitt ’33 in memory of three of his friends.
Martin Fenton Sr. Chair in Humanities
In memory of Martin Fenton Sr. ’25, this chair recognizes a prominent faculty member within one of several departments who exemplifies a strong commitment to academic excellence within the humanities. Recipient: Gilbert O. Stanley, member of the History Department.
Matthews Educational Fund
Grants for special programs for students.<
Minority Intern Fund
An endowed fund to support a program for minority intern teachers.
Mrs. William Greenough Thayer Faculty Chair
Endowed teaching chair in memory of Mrs. Thayer. Recipient: Stephen J. Lynch, member of the Modern Languages Department.
New York Scholarship Fund
Income used for scholarship aid.
Palmer Baseball
Income for the Baseball Award.
Peter McKernan Scholarship
Established by the Classes of 1987-1989 in memory of Peter McKernan ’88, the recipient will be a St. Mark’s student who reflects his qualities, which include a love of athletics.
Perry R. Pease Fund
Established to ensure continuing support for St. Mark’s School by its friends and alumni/ae.
Peter Schuh Memorial Scholarship
Established in memory of Peter Matthew Schuh ’92 by his family and friends. This scholarship remembers Pete’s extraordinary achievement, leadership, and love of St. Mark’s.
Pollak Scholarship Prize
An endowed crew prize for a sixth-form student.
Pritzlaff Scholarship Fund
Established by John Pritzlaff ’43 and Richard Pritzlaff ’78 in honor of their respective reunions. Income to support deserving students.
Prize Funds
Income used to support various Prize Day awards.
Renji Tow Memorial Fund
A scholarship established in memory of Renji Tow ’94.
Richard A. Rader Chair
In honor of his 40 years of service, income from this chair is to support a faculty member who shows Dick’s foresight and enthusiasm. Inaugural recipient: Kenneth D. Wells III, member of the Science Department.
Richard T. Henshaw Jr. Scholarship Fund
Scholarship – preference given to deserving children of Episcopal clergy.
Robert Bruce Wallace Chatfield Memorial Scholarship
Named in honor of a member of the Class of 1943, this is a full scholar­ship, awarded by the faculty to a student of outstanding promise with extracurricular activities as well as academic ability, leadership potential, and constructive citizenship, with preference to a son or daughter of an alumnus.
Robert T. S. Lowell Poetry Fund
This fund was given in honor of Robert Traill Spence Lowell ’35, who was one of the country’s most distinguished poets. Income from this fund is used to bring a visiting poet to St. Mark’s.
Roy A. Hunt Lecture Fund
Income to be used to bring St. Mark’s alumni/ae from various professions and careers back to the school.
St. Mark’s Biology Prize
To support the Avis-Pliscz Biology Prize.
Sawyer Library Fund
To support the Library.
Sawyer Memorial Chair
In memory of Roland D. Sawyer, this chair was established by his family and friends. Recipient: Henry S. Large, member of the History Department.
Scholarship Fund
To support general scholarship.
Shaw Music Choral Fund
Funded by the Arch W. Shaw Foundation and established by John Shaw ’53 to provide opportunities for students with an appreciation of small group acappella singing.
Shen Fund
Given by a parent, this fund is to be used at the discretion of the Headmaster as a prize to recognize the spirit of democracy at St. Mark’s.
Sherrill Scholarship Fund
Created in memory of Bishop Henry Knox Sherrill, this scholarship is awarded to a sixth-form student who has demonstrated excellence in his or her studies and has participated in community service and cocurricular activities. Preference is given to the son or daughter of a member of the clergy.
Sidney Tyler Chair in Creative Writing
Endowed faculty chair used to support the teaching of creative writing. Generously given by Sidney F. Tyler ’25. Recipient: Sarah McCann, mem­ber of the English Department.
Spaulding Endowment
Endowed chair.
Stohn Memorial Scholarship
Given in memory of Alexander Stohn ’61, income to be awarded to a day-student scholar/athlete who shows great academic promise and strong ath­letic interest and participation.
Suydam Science Fund
For use by the Science Department for purchase of apparatus for student labs and lecture demonstrations.
Technology Chair
An endowed teaching chair to support the Director of Academic Technology.
Thomas Carhart Memorial Scholarship
Given in memory of Thomas Carhart ’41, income used for scholarship purposes.
T. Kent Carr Chair
An endowed chair in memory of a former faculty member, T. Kent Carr.
Trustees Chair
An endowed faculty chair established by former Trustees of St. Mark’s and by the leadership of an anonymous challenge gift.
21st Century Campaign —Unrestricted Fund
Tyler Fund
For Faculty Room – income used for books, magazines, and the upkeep of the room.
Unrestricted Endowment
General endowment.
Warren Winslow Fund
Income for the upkeep of Brantwood Camp.
Webster Foundation
Weezie Foundation Chair
An endowed teaching chair, given by the Weezie Foundation in memory of Lucile Thieriot Walker. Recipient: Peter Glomset, member of the English Department.
Wetmore Memorial Fund
To be used by the Athletic Director to cover expenses incurred for crew and other pressing athletic costs.
Wick Choral Music Fund
Given in memory of Myron A. Wick Jr. ’33 by his family and friends in rec­ognition of his love of St. Mark’s and choral music. Income used to support the choral music program and, specifically, to sponsor the annual Wick Choral Music Festival at the School.
Wiedergott Coaches Fund
A gift from the Class of 1963 on the occasion of their 35th Reunion and in honor of Fritz Wiedergott. Income from the fund is to be used by the Director of Athletics for the development of coaches.
William Edmund Keane Memorial Scholarship Fund
Scholarship – for unrestricted use, but with preference
that it go to a child of a teacher or clergy.
William Jackson Fund
Provides financial assistance to a student who has strong athletic and lead­ership abilities. Preference given to a student from the South.
William M. Elkins Fund
To be used to finance faculty for full-year or summer education.
William O. Coolidge Fund
Income and/or principal are available to assist with the education of fac­ulty children and other emergency expenses of faculty members and their families.
William W. Barber Jr. Chair
Endowed chair in memory of former Headmaster Bill Barber. Recipient: Barbara P. Putnam, Chair of the Arts Department
William W. White Scholarship
Scholarship assistance to a worthy student at St. Mark’s.
Winthrop Chair
Endowed chair.
W. Palmer Dixon Music Fund
For the purchase of recordings for the school’s Music Department.
W. Rodman Fay Library Fund
Income designated for the purchase of books.