Founder's Associates

St. Mark’s would like to recognize its Founder’s Associates, leadership donors whose annual gifts provide a solid financial foundation for the School. Donors listed below made gifts of $1,500 or more between July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008 to the Annual Fund.






St. Mark’s Society

Gifts of $50,000 or more – Named for all St. Mark’s students, past and present, whose lives have been enriched by their St. Mark’s experience.

Mr. and Mrs. R. William Burgess Jr.’77
Mr. C. Boyden Gray ’60
Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Metcalfe
Mr. and Mrs. George Putnam III ’69
Mr. Edward A. Taft III ’69

Burnett Society
Gifts of $25,000 – Named after Joseph Burnett who, in 1865, founded St. Mark’s School.

Mr. and Mrs. John Farr ’77
Mr. John Little and Mrs. Nancy Wittenberg
Mr. Francisco J. Lopez-Balboa ’78
Mr. Kurt A. Melden ’74
Mr. and Mrs. George Putnam ’45
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sargent
Mr. and Mrs. Jihoon Sohn
Mr. Paul Thompson III ’67

Thayer Society
Gifts of $10,000 – Named after the Rev. William G. Thayer, who served as St. Mark’s School’s longest serving Headmaster, from 1894 to 1930.

Mr. Nicholas F. Brady ’48
Mr. and Mrs. James Gauthier Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gilbane
Mr. and Mrs. Dong Yup Han
Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. Hatch
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Winston Hutchins
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Kazickas
Mr. and Mrs. Pierre F. Lapeyre Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Sung-Wook Lim
Mr. Jason L. Michel ’87
Mr. Ranlet Miner Jr. ’54
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. C. Moon
Mr. and Mrs. Hei K. Ngan
Mr. George D. O’Neill ’45
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy S. Peterson
Mr. Stephen M. Pulsifer ’64
Mr. T. R. Quesada ’67
Mr. David W. Scudder ’53
Mr. Oakleigh B. Thorne ’50
Mr. Bruce B. Wilson ’54

Parkman Society
Gifts of $5,000 – Named after Dr. Francis Parkman, Class of 1915, and Headmaster of St. Mark’s from 1930 to 1942.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Akers
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Alisberg
Mr. Silas R. Anthony Jr. ’59
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Aubuchon
Mr. James T. Bartlett ’85
Mr. and Mrs. David Bedard
Mr. James W. B. Benkard ’55
Mr. R. Victor Bernstein and
Ms. Gail S. Landis
Mr. Lee A. Berthelsen ’53
Ms. Denise Burgess
Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Cabot Jr.
Mr. Alexander J. Campbell II ’50
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Caulkins
Mr. Rhett Chien, 2007
Mr. and Mrs. Kumar Chinnaswamy
Dr. and Mrs. Do Jun Cho
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Clapp
Mr. J. Linzee Coolidge ’55
Mr. Harry C. Curtis II ’76
Mr. Severyn S. Dana ’42
Mr. and Mrs. Philip DeNormandie
Estate of Cynthia F. Lyman
Mr. Christopher C. Forbes ’68
The Reverend Canon Carlson Gerdau ’51
Mr. John A. Goodrich ’57
Mr. William C. Graustein ’64
Mr. Henry U. Harris Jr. ’45 (d.)
Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Hatch
Mr. Peter C. Hearn ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hollinger
Mr. Charles Huang ’79
Mr. James W. Hubbell Jr. ’41
Mr. Charles S. Jones
Mr. John Kean ’48
Mr. George H. Kidder ’43
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kozak
Mr. and Mrs. Armand F. Lauzon Jr.
Mr. Victor M. Lopez-Balboa ’78
Mr. James R. Lowe Jr. ’55
Mr. G. Thomas Martinson ’80
Mrs. Betsy S. Michel
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Mulholland
Mr. Herbert T. Nilson ’43
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Parsons Jr.
Mr. David R. Sawyier ’68
Mr. Richard D. Sears III ’45
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Sloan
Mr. Stanley ’Tim’ B. Smith Jr. ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Starkey
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Vareika
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Warren ’74
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Carley Weatherley-White ’80
Mr. Myron A. Wick III ’61

Barber Society
Gifts of $2,500 – Named after William W. Barber Jr., Class of 1928, and ninth Headmaster of St. Mark’s, from 1948 to 1968.

Mr. Jose M. Alvares-Correa
Dr. and Mrs. David Ayers
Mr. Edward L. Bigelow Jr. ’42
Mr. and Mrs. Everett K. Bramhall
Mr. C. A. Buck ’47
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Calotta
Mr. Thomas Craig
Mr. Pearson C. Cummin III ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart L. Cutler
Mr. and Mrs. Jay H. Denison
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas S. Everett ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. Feller
Mr. Martin Fenton Jr. ’52
Mr. Robert L. Forbes ’67
Mr. George L. K. Frelinghuysen ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan S. Ganz
Mr. David H. Gardner ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Golding
Mr. Richard T. Henshaw III ’57
Mr. Howard B. Hodgson Jr. ’74
Mr. James F. Hunnewell Jr. ’67
Mr. William E. Hunt ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Ethan W. Johnson
Mr. Daniel W. Jones Jr. ’38
Mr. Hamilton F. Kean ’43
Dr. Han Sun Kim and Dr. Myeong Duk Cho
Mr. and Mrs. Hiesuck Kim ’73
Ms. Carol Krauss
Mr. L. P. Lawrence ’67
Mr. Timothy D. Lyons ’90
Mr. Allan L. Maca Sr.
Mr. Timothy W. Mahoney and
Ms. Pamela Donnelly
Mr. John H. Marshall Jr. ’49 (d.)
Mr. Donald H. McAllister Jr. ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Christian W. McCarthy
Mr. Edward F. Miller ’60
Mr. Bruce F. Morgan ’70
Mr. and Mrs. David Quinones
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Richards
Mr. Walter E. Robb III ’45
Mr. Thomas M. Scanlan ’77
Mr. George Scott ’86 and Mrs. Alys Scott ’85
Mr. S. Buford Scott ’51
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Stone
Mr. Newbold Strong ’47
Mr. and Mrs. John Tamvakologos
Mr. George H. Tilghman ’44
Dr. Peter F. R. Walker ’61
Mr. Geoffrey S. Wells ’81
Mr. William A. Ziegler ’42

Peck Society
Gifts of $1,500 – Named for William Edward Peck, who served as headmaster of St. Mark’s from 1883 to 1894.

Mr. Guilliaem Aertsen IV ’66
Mr. Hoyt Ammidon III ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Anderson
Mr. Vernon Armour ’45
Mr. Philip C. Bowers ’74
Dr. Michael Brodie
Mr. Benjamin C. Buttrick ’86
Mr. Jamie P. Clark ’54
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Pamela Dawson ’80
Ms. Linda P. Denison
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Frederico
Mr. Peter B. Freeman ’50
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Fryer
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Gilmore
Mr. and Mrs. Dela Harlley
Mr. John U. Harris Jr. ’49
Mr. Darrell Harvey ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Haslett
Mr. Charles W. Hebard ’88
Mr. George G. Herrick ’56
Mr. James G. Hinkle Jr. ’55
Ms. Peggy L. Ho ’91
Mr. Frederick S. Hubbell ’69
Mr. Neil G. Hunt and Ms. Paula Brady
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jackson Jr.
Mr. Anthony A. Jones ’59
Mr. Arnold W. Jones Jr. ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Kavanaugh
Ms. Kel Kelly and Ms. Ginny Pitcher
Mr. and Mrs. Hanjoo Kim
Dr. Jeong Ho Kim and
Dr. Young Hee Chung
Mr. Michael T. Kinnicutt ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Kirk III
Mr. Robert Leeson Jr. ’51
Ms. Monica O. Lehner ’78
Mr. Eddie Lockard ’79
Mr. Robert D. C. Long ’49
Mr. David R. Lutkins ’39
Mr. Ronald T. Lyman ’72
Mrs. Paul L. Maddock Jr.
Ms. Wendy F. McAdam ’87
Mr. William H. McCormick VMD ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Gerrish H. Milliken Jr.
Mr. John W. Milliken ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. O’Connell
Mr. Kendall L. Oei ’70
Mr. Potter Palmer ’52
Mr. E. Allen Rhodes ’72
Mr. Reuben F. Richards ’48
Mr. Scott Ricketson ’49
Mr. Walter L. Ross III ’75
Mr. G. N. Ryland ’59
Ms. Ing-Ie A. Shen ’88 (d.)
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Sloane
Mr. and Mrs. Greenfield Sluder
Ms. Alice L. Sommer ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan W. Surgenor
Mr. Agop Touroyan and Ms. Carol Jette
Mr. Michael E. Tyler ’59
Mr. and Mrs. S. Patrick Viguerie
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Ward
Ms. Karla N. Wildman ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Woeltz

d.): Deceased