2008-09 Annual Report

A true test of one’s dedication to a goal is remaining devoted to it during times of adversity.  The economic turbulence of 2008-2009 can surely be characterized as one of these times.  The commitment of parents, grandparents, alumni/ae, and faculty to St. Mark’s and its mission is beautifully demonstrated by their generous support of the Annual Fund last year.


The Annual Fund accounts for approximately 9% of our operating budget and bridges the 40% gap between tuition and the actual cost to educate a St. Mark’s student.  We saw many leaders step up to make sure that St. Mark’s met this critical funding goal.  For example, the faculty was asked to contribute and responded with a remarkable 70% participation.  We also saw three alumni/ae make extraordinary gifts to the Annual Fund of $100,000.  In honor of these donors, St. Mark’s established a Trustees Circle level of the Founder’s Associates. 

Many other remarkable gifts were made to St. Mark’s this past year including capital gifts and bequests totaling $1.2 million.  These contributions fund St. Mark’s future by allowing us to achieve both short- and long-term goals.

St. Mark’s is an outstanding small boarding school.  The richness of the St. Mark’s experience is rooted in the best academic education combined with the best affective education.  A St. Mark’s education includes challenging and expanding a student’s academic capabilities, building their character and self esteem, kindling their spiritual curiousity, encouraging their exploration of the arts, and developing their athletic talents.  At St. Mark’s, students find their best selves and are encouraged to explore their place in the larger world.

I am grateful to know that we can continue to count on the support, financial and otherwise, of a committed group of alumni/ae, parents and friends in the coming years.  We have big plans for our small school and will be looking once again to the St. Mark’s family to support our vision of providing the best small boarding school education and experience to this generation of St. Markers.

Age Quod Agis,

John C. Warren ’74, Ed.D.