At St. Mark’s School, athletics are a natural extension of the classroom experience. The school believes participation on an athletic team is an integral part of a student’s education — one that fosters hard work and enthusiasm while teaching cooperation, sportsmanship, and discipline. Over the course of more than 130 years, this formula has not only produced Olympic and professional athletes, but also nationally recognized leaders in business, medicine, politics, and the arts. St. Mark’s athletes adhere to the ideals of sport that have withstood the test of time.

The school encourages students to become athletes in the truest sense of the word, emphasizing participation in a variety of sports. In an effort to accommodate students of all skill levels, St. Mark’s offers teams at the varsity, JV, and thirds levels, each with different areas of emphasis. Thirds teams emphasize participation, skill development, and enjoyment of the game. Varsity teams — at the other end of the spectrum — place a much stronger emphasis on competition and preparation for advancement to the next level.

St. Mark’s boasts competitive relationships with the other 15 members of the Independent School League. All of the ISL member schools are committed to establishing healthy competition that promotes fair play in a positive, supportive atmosphere.

John Levandowski
Director of Athletics
[email protected]
(508) 786-6151