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Policy on Bullying

Each person at St. Mark’s has the right to participate fully in the life of the School without experiencing bullying or cyber bullying. St. Mark's School recognizes and respects individual differences, and does not discriminate or tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or any other prohibited criteria as set forth in applicable state or federal law.

To ensure an environment of mutual respect, tolerance, and sensitivity, every member of the community, including students, faculty, and staff, must recognize and adhere to certain guidelines for appropriate behavior. Inappropriate behavior towards others, whether verbal or physical, is unacceptable.

St. Mark’s is committed to providing all students with a safe learning environment that is free from bullying and cyber-bullying. This commitment is an integral part of our comprehensive efforts to encourage learning, to promote respect, and to prevent anything that impedes the learning process.

From the time they enter St. Mark’s, students learn that as members of our community they have a right to be treated with civility and respect and bear an obligation to treat others with dignity and respect. These values are emphasized by faculty and peer leaders as they provide oversight. In our curriculum, we focus on respect and relationship issues in our Third Form Seminar course as well as in our Fourth Form Human Relations and Sexuality course. In both our advisory and leadership discussion groups, we highlight respect issues and their impact on individuals and community. It is our expectation that student leaders play an important role in identifying, confronting, and reporting behaviors that are detrimental to others and assist the School in creating a safer community for all.

The School’s Student Handbook includes explicit policies addressing bullying and acceptable use of technology at St. Mark’s, and this Handbook is reviewed with students and shared with parents each Summer and Fall. When necessary, parents are notified and asked to reinforce behavioral standards relevant to membership in the St. Mark’s community.