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*New families, 2021-2022 School Year COVID-19 information and guidelines will be communicated over the summer. 

Given the school’s recent announcement that students are invited back to campus on September 28, the Athletic Department has updated and refined its athletic plan. The Athletic Department and coaching staff remain committed to providing the very best experience for all our student-athletes that promotes skill development, and team building. Specifics are listed below: 

Upon return, students will train four times per week for their fall athletic team, or wellness option. In the event a team returns to competitive play, that team may be afforded additional practice time

Fall athletics will take place on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons.  

Starting on Monday, September 14, all students are expected to participate in remote training to better prepare for in-person athletics on Monday, September 28.     

By now, your child should have filled out the fall athletics sign-up form that was sent out by Lauren Ames earlier this summer. If not, when helping your child select a team or wellness program, please keep in mind the following:

  • For field hockey and boys’ and girls’ soccer, students may self-select into whichever level they feel most comfortable participating in (varsity or sub-varsity). 
  • If your son or daughter, regardless of Form, aspires to train at the varsity level for boys’ soccer, girls’ soccer, or field hockey, and s/he has the motivation and skill to train at that level, s/he is invited to train with that specific varsity team.
  • If we are able to resume competitive play at some point during the fall season, coaches may need to adjust rosters to ensure that all students participate at a level (varsity, JV, or thirds) that provides them, and our teams, the best opportunity for success.
  • In order to strike a balance between player development, wellness, and fun, sub-varsity teams may engage in a range of activities, including, but not limited to, the sport that your son or daughter selects.
  • Football, boys’ cross country, and girls’ cross country train as a single team. As such, all team members will partake in a similar training program. 
  • Options under our wellness program this fall include yoga, taekwondo, fitness, and strength and conditioning. These options are only available to IV, V, and VI formers.

For students that choose to learn remotely, we will offer athletic options that focus on increasing our students’ overall wellness, developing sport-specific skills, setting goals, and building relationships. More information about the remote athletic plans will be announced as soon as families have made decisions about their return to campus.

As always, our athletic training staff will be available to help with injury treatment, rehab, and nutrition, both in-person and remotely. Coaches and the Athletic Department will be diligent in implementing and following all safety and health guidelines put forth by the school, state, and local health directives.

Due to the state’s capacity guidelines, students will have limited access to the Coolidge Center and the Wiedergott Fitness Room. We are still exploring creative ways to maximize the usage of these spaces. Our strength and conditioning coach will be available to lead outdoor workouts for larger groups of student-athletes. 

Given the loss of the spring 2020 athletic season and the delayed start of the 2020-2021 winter season, the ISL heads of school voted to allow out-of-season contact for the fall of 2020. Please note that contact is only allowed if ISL competition does not resume in the fall. If so, we would revert back to the original ISL guidelines. More information will be forthcoming when we return to campus

Our hope remains that there is still a possibility that athletic teams could compete in some capacity this fall. We will learn more as the season progresses.





John Levandowski

Titles: Director of Athletics
Departments: Athletics, Senior Administrative Team
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School: 508.786.6151

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