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The St. Mark's Approach to Drug and Alcohol Use and Prevention

I am deeply concerned about the dangers that drug and alcohol use pose for St. Mark's students. Any report of a drug, or alcohol-related adolescent tragedy, especially involving someone known to a member of the St. Mark's community, chills me to the bone. I am also keenly aware that the possibility of a drug or alcohol related tragedy in our school community is very real, as are short or long-term negative health consequences resulting from use.

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Our Spaces, Our Identities

I imagine everyone here tonight has decorated a space—a bedroom, a dorm room, an office—so that it reflects you. Those of you boarders moving into rooms in your houses here are going through that exercise now. Those of us who have offices and classrooms here at School go through that exercise often annually, continuing to add or subtract to what we and others will see. The choices we make about what to display are highly personal, and if the space we are decorating is frequently visited—like an office or a dorm room—the choices we make are often also influenced by messages we want to send to others about what is important to us—the parts of our identity, our passions, and our loves that we want others to see.

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Educators' Meetups: Realizing the Center's Promise

Our 2011 Strategic Plan, St. Mark's School: 2020, envisioned a Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning that would bring ever greater intellectual vibrancy to our School by inspiring professional growth in our faculty and by engaging St. Mark's in the broader educational dialogue about teaching and learning. I am pleased to report that Center Director Colleen Worrell, currently completing her third year in the role, has undertaken a number of initiatives to make that vision a reality.

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The St. Mark's and Waterford Kamhlaba School Exchange: Creating Transformative Experiences

Chapel Talk
John C. Warren, '74
Laura P. Appell-Warren

We are all of the earth, which does not see difference of colour, religion or race. We are 'Kamhlaba' - all of one world.
His Majesty King Sobhuza II (1967)

Your ordinary acts of love and hope point to the extraordinary promise that every human life is of inestimable value.
Desmond Tutu

As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest.
Nelson Mandela

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The safety of our students is my most important priority; nothing matters more to me. I am keenly aware of the trust parents place in the School to provide an environment that is safe, supportive and respectful. As consumers of media, we are all aware of boundary crossings in the workplace and of predatory behavior toward students at schools and colleges. Not surprisingly, I am frequently asked how we atSt. Mark's protect our students from abusive and unsafe situations. I am pleased to be able to answer these questions by describing an extensive and sophisticated array of policies and practices. At the same time, I know that we cannot be complacent about the topic, so we are constantly on the lookout for ways we can make our approach even better.

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Joseph Burnett: A 19th Century Visionary and a 21st Century Role Model

We have all seen the portrait of our School's founder, Joseph Burnett, on the far wall of the Dining Room, and I trust you have also noticed the relief sculpture on the wall just outside the entrance to Belmont Chapel.[1] As with so much that becomes familiar, we can pass by these objects without giving them much thought. I hope that by telling you a bit about Joseph Burnett today you will develop the same respect and admiration I have gained for him. As I will explain, Joseph Burnett subscribed to certain admirable values that are familiar to all of us as St. Markers. Most importantly, though, he walked the talk: he acted in accordance with these values, leading a life of consequence and leaving a positive legacy that continues today.

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St. Mark's Global Citizenship in Theory and in Practice

I am very proud of our Global Citizenship Program because of the way it benefits each one of our 360 students and because of the way it benefits our School as a whole. Our students gain knowledge and insight about themselves and the world from courses, from spending time with students visiting St. Mark's from our partner schools, and from participating in exchange or travel opportunities. The climate of our School is enriched by the periodic presence of students from our partner schools in Australia, Korea, Germany, and Chile. Valuable conversations result in the Dining Hall, in classes, in the Houses, and elsewhere around campus that enlarge our students' perspective. The climate is also enriched by what our students bring back from their travel. Our students who return from places like Haiti and the Dominican Republic and Cuba share their stories both informally and in formal settings like Chapel and School Meeting enlarging the perspective of their peers.

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Being Your Best Self: The Power of Role Model

One winter evening in 1966, walking down a hallway at New York's LaGuardia airport, after returning with my family from a visit to my grandparents in Cambridge, I was excited to see TV cameras, and spotlights aiming toward someone in the middle of a small crowd. As I got closer I recognized the subject of the attention as Robert Kennedy, who everyone called Bobby at that time, then a United States Senator from New York. I suspect Kennedy had been on our flight. An avid follower of the news, even at age 9, I was very excited. I quickly pulled my ballpoint pen out of my jacket pocket and asked my parents for a piece of paper so I could get the Senator's autograph.

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John C. Warren '74

Head of School