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Multinational Ensemble LADAMA Performs at St. Mark's

Multinational Ensemble LADAMA Performs at St. Mark's
Mallory Munro

On Monday, October 8, the diverse music ensemble LADAMA came to the St. Mark's campus. They gave a concert at lunch and then led a workshop during the co-curricular block in the Putnam Family Arts Center's Black Box Theater.

LADAMA is a multinational group comprised of four musicians from across the Americas who strive to engage youth and other women in their respective communities in the process of music-making, sound design, composition, and audio production. The group's aim is to address gender inequality and unequal representation of women in all aspects of music education, industry and business. They encourage all to express their humanity by building community through music in their workshops and public performance.

Faculty member KK Behan of the Modern Languages Department facilitated LADAMA's visit to Southborough, and it was co-sponsored by the Community & Equity and Global Citizenship programs, the Gray Colloquium Speaker Series, and the Los Leones affinity group.

LADAMA is clear about its mission, purpose, and methodology. "As musicians we collaborate to create original compositions, bringing together the disparate elements of a traditional band while writing non-traditional music," declares LADAMA on its website. The group "performs modern, soulful and vibrant original compositions that celebrate cross-cultural, Pan-American collaboration. South American and Caribbean rhythms such as cumbia, coco, maracatu, onda nueva and joropo run like currents through pop and soul-infused songs sung in Spanish, English and Portuguese. As educators and facilitators we draw from the specific cultural contexts of the communities that we hope to serve in order to provide a foundation for participants to use music as a basic form of personal expression to address issues pertinent to them."

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