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Student Awarded Race Relations Certificate

Student Awarded Race Relations Certificate
Caleb Cochran

Vianey Morris, a VI former from Chicago, was recently awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment from the Boston Committee of the Princeton Prize in Race Relations. The certificate recognizes the important work Vianey has done at St. Mark's to advance racial equity and foster positive race relations within the community.

"Each year, the Princeton Prize committee members are struck by the passionate commitment to anti-racism of student leaders like you," wrote Willy Osborn of the Boston Committee in a letter to Vianey. "It is clear to us that one person really can make a difference in creating positive social change. We are so impressed with all that you have accomplished thus far and believe you will continue to have an impact in your community."

"I am very grateful to have received this certificate," Vianey said. "This work means a lot to me. Although the letter I received said that one person can make change, the progress we have started this year is not only because of me. Thank you to my fellow Pathways Prefects: Bannon, Daniella, and Sam for the work you all have done and continue to do. I would also like to thank Ms. Starry Zhu. This certificate is not only for me, it is for you four as well."

Congratulations, Vianey!

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