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Student-Run St. Mark's Arts Fair a Tremendous Success

Student-Run St. Mark's Arts Fair a Tremendous Success
Mallory Munro

The first-ever St. Mark's Arts Fair delighted a large crowd of students and adults on Saturday evening, May 18. The inaugural event was organized and hosted by the Monitors.

The main events were held on the Athletic Quad, in front of the Elkins Field House façade. The audience crowded the steps, side walls, and Elkins cloisters to see and hear a series of impressive performers. There was music, including performances from a student jazz duo, a pair of student jazz bands (Mixed Paint and Eleventh Hour), acoustic singalongs with Wolfpen and Oysterwar, a brilliant vocal duet from V Formers Will Bundy and Paula Hornbostel, and a lovely acapella offering from the Royal Blues. There were four short one act plays, poetry and dance performances, and student-made films.

The audience was enthusiastic and supportive throughout, even as darkness fell. Much praise to both this year's and next year's Monitors for making this event happen!

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