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Teacher from Lebanon: Suzanne Chami Visits St. Mark's

Teacher from Lebanon: Suzanne Chami Visits St. Mark's
Mallory Munro

During the first week in April, Suzanne Chami, a teacher at the International College of Beirut, visited St. Mark's from Lebanon.

Ms. Chami teaches French in Beirut, and at St. Mark's she participated in various classes in the School's Modern Language Department. She also attended other classes, including English, Studio Art, and Theater Arts.

St. Mark's has a professional exchange with Beirut's International College, a private co-educational preparatory school affiliated with the American University of Beirut. Its students come from all over Lebanon, as well as the Middle East and around the world. Ms. Chami is the fourth visitor to participate in the exchange with St. Mark's.

"We enjoy our professional exchange with International College of Beirut," said Neil Cifuentes, Assistant Director of Global Citizenship at St. Mark's and a member of the School's Modern Language faculty. "It offers our faculty and the visiting Lebanese faculty member an opportunity to expose each other regarding different philosophies and methodologies. It is always a fruitful and enriching experience to discuss teaching with educators from other parts of the world."

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