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Unpacking the St. Mark's C&E Strategic Plan

Unpacking the St. Mark's C&E Strategic Plan
St. Mark’s first Community and Equity Strategic Plan was released in April. We asked Director of Community and Equity Affairs Rick DaSilva to share a few thoughts on the plan, which can be found at:

Why does St. Mark's need a Community and Equity Strategic Plan? Why now?

With the implementation of our Community and Equity Strategic Plan, we are empowered to set clear expectations and involve the entire community in our initiatives. We are committed to allocating resources to provide oversight for this crucial work. This emphasizes that our commitment to equity and community is not only a current priority, but a long-term one as well.

Why now? In light of the ongoing need to address harm caused by incidents at the School, particularly affecting people of color, I believe that the time has come for us to broaden our efforts and transition into authentic and impactful action.

How will the plan help the School move forward on some key C&E goals?

The pursuit of change hinges on our attention to detail. Our objective is to maintain honesty and realism regarding our capacity for change while ensuring that our efforts are purposeful and aligned with the School's growth.

How do you see this plan changing and evolving in the years to come?

One of the notable aspects of this strategic plan is its adaptability. It is designed to evolve alongside the growth of the School. It is crucial for individuals to recognize that transparency, honesty, and realistic growth are foundational commitments of this plan. Simultaneously, the task force, head of school, and other participants have the authority to hold us accountable if our actions do not align with our stated intentions.