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Classics Banquet Celebrates Latin and Greek Studies
Classics Banquet Celebrates Latin and Greek Studies

The Classics Club held their annual banquet in the Hinkle room on May 11th. Students enjoyed a delicious meal of Greek food and dessert followed by an evening of edifying and entertaining festivities.

The Classical Diploma students of Greek II—Sixth Formers Charlotte Wood, Keely Dion, Dylan Sotir, and Cooper Sarafin, as well as Reevie Fenstermacher '19— presented a live version of their project, a reenactment of Raphael's painting "The School of Athens." The five students in that class impersonated Plato, Aristotle, Euclid, Hypatia and Heraclitus and went around to the tables sparking conversation with the other students as their historical character.

Prizes were awarded for the best translations in every level of Greek and Latin, to

Latin I- Grant Gattuso '19

Latin II- Leo Xie '19

Latin III- Lulu Eastman '18

Advanced Latin - Matthew Gates '19

Greek I- Mark Wang '18

Greek II- Keely Dion '17

Following the distribution of awards, candidates running for the position of Classics Club head introduced themselves and spoke about their respective visions for the Classics Club next year, following which the position was put to a vote. The new classics club heads will be rising Fifth Formers Reeve Fenstermacher and Mathew Gates.

The evening ended with the Latin I class play, a Latin version of "Little Red Riding Hood". Students thanked Mr. Henry Upton for his support and teaching during this past year, while Ms. Cook was on Educational Leave.

Sixth Formers graduating with Classical diplomas this year will be Keely Dion, Katie Hartigan, Riley Lochhead, Kahler Mabbs, Cooper Sarafin, Tatum Schultz, Alexandra Schumacher, Dylan Sotir, and Charlotte Wood. Each has earned the privilege of wearing a laurel wreath at Prize Day: a sign of their distinction as Classical scholars at St. Mark's.