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Rebecca Lovett '18 Prevails in Shen Prize Competition
Rebecca Lovett '18 Prevails in Shen Prize Competition

With a speech on the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Rebecca Lovett '18 (pictured at right with Head of School John C. Warren '74) was named the winner of the 2016 Shen Prize public speaking competition this week.

The Shen Prize is awarded to the winner of a public speaking competition among Advanced U.S. History students at St. Mark's on the topic of "democracy." The prize is given by Y.L Shen in honor of his daughters, Ing-ie (Ava) Shen of the Class of 1988 and Ing-Chuan (Judy) Shen of the Class of 1989.

Also competing were Fifth Formers Anthony D'Angelo (speaking on the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League), Sophie Haugen (the Chinese Exclusion Act), Kaela Dunne (Post 9/11 Muslim-American Profiling) and Minjae Isabelle Kim (The United Nations).

All the speeches were outstanding. Among the judges were Mr. Warren and fellow SM alumnus Oliver Dominick '69 (seen here with all the student participants).