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Saying Farewell to Bob and Denise Meyer
Saying Farewell to Bob and Denise Meyer

At a special reception and dinner at Choate House on Monday evening, June 12, St. Mark's said farewell to two dedicated members of the School's adult community: Bob and Denise Meyer.

For 22 years, Bob has served in the St. Mark's Business Office, as Business Manager and Director of Finance/Business Operations. Bob arrived on campus in the fall of 1995. With an extensive background as a CPA, controller, and financial advisor, he was committed to addressing the challenges inherent in the School's regular financial operations.

From the beginning. Mr. Meyer worked with co-Head of School Elsa Hill to restructure St. Mark's operational finances. This was not always easy. In 2005, the price of oil rose to a then-record high, almost doubling that expenditure line in the School's budget. Through diligent effort in the areas of both income and expense, Bob Meyer managed to oversee a balanced budget. In fact, through sound budget management, St. Mark's saw a slight budget surplus that year. In subsequent years, under Head of School John C. Warren '74, Bob's business leadership and the efforts of his team have managed to repeat that achievement.

During his time at St. Mark's, Meyer also oversaw a series of projects which greatly expanded the campus facilities, including Thieriot House, The Putnam Family Arts Center, Sargent Field, the Burnett House Renovation, the new STEM facility, and the even newer SM solar array.

Two years later after arriving on campus, in the fall of 1997, Denise Meyer joined the Health Services staff at St. Mark's. Her work as a nurse, receptionist, coordinator, and surrogate mother to twenty years of St. Markers endeared her to both her adult colleagues and to some 2000 students during her time at the School.

But there was so much more. Mr. and Mrs. Meyer modeled their faith and the spirit of Christian fellowship at St. Mark's by inviting students into their home for weekly gatherings of "The God Squad." Mr. Meyer helped out in many areas of campus life, and was an integral part of the administration team. Mrs. Meyer was always available to help a student in need, to listen to their concerns, and to interact positively with parents worried about their children away from home.

All of this and more was reflected at the Choate House event. Mr. Warren thanked both Mr. and Mrs. Meyer, while Health Services Director Adria Pavletic spoke feelingly about her colleague Denise and Admission Director Anne Behnke gave a charming and funny address about her fellow administrator Bob.

Both the Meyers received St. Mark's chairs as gifts from the School for their two dedicated decades of service to St. Mark's. At the close of the speeches and presentations, the assembled faculty, staff, family, and friends raised a toast to the Meyers. "Well done, thou good and faithful servants."