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Southborough School Alumnae Enjoy Reunion Luncheon
Southborough School Alumnae Enjoy Reunion Luncheon

The annual Southborough School luncheon took place on the Saturday of St. Mark's Reunion Weekend. As usual, the luncheon took place at Choate House, home to both the Southborough School Room and the Southborough School Garden.

The Southborough School for girls was a thriving, progressive, and democratic educational boarding community situated one mile west of the SM main building. Located in an award-winning facility, the Southborough School coordinated itself academically, artistically, and socially with the then-all-male St. Mark's. There were five graduating classes—1973-1977—before it was absorbed into the newly coeducational St. Mark's School. Southborough School students, faculty, and staff were pioneers in coordinate- and co- education.

Members of the SS Class of 1977—celebrating their 40th Reunion—in attendance were Fearn Cutler de Vicq de Cumptich, Anne Lloyd-Wittte, Chloe Monzani, Philippa Hall Smith, and Hannah Erickson Vetorino. Nancy Cocks Karuzis '78, one of the very first girls to graduate from St. Mark's, also a Southborough School veteran, joined the party, as did former SS staffer and retired SM receptionist Sandy Campbell. Current St. Mark's head chaplain, the Rev. Barbara Talcott, was a guest at the luncheon, as was the recently graduate Charlotte Wood '17.

As the recipient of this year's Pierson F. Melcher Prize—named for the founder and headmaster of the Southborough School—as "that girl who, through clarity of expression, effectiveness of logic, and sense of community well-being, best exemplifies the tradition and spirit of the New England town meeting," Charlotte Wood is now an honorary alumna of the Southborough School. "It was fantastic to meet the women of the Southborough School," she said. "They are clearly a very special group of women—all incredible individuals—and it is an honor to be one of them now and it is a privilege to continue their legacy."