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LEO: SM Academic Journal Going Strong in its Fifth Year
LEO: SM Academic Journal Going Strong in its Fifth Year

LEO, the St. Mark's online Academic Journal, is going strong in its fifth year of operation. Recently, it surpassed 130,000 online views.

Sponsored by the St. Mark's Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, the journal's mission is to provide a forum for the wide range of intellectual pursuits and creative talents at St. Mark's. Over the last five years, it has exhibited academic work across the disciplines and voluntary work beyond the curriculum by St. Mark's students. It also features articles by adults in the School community, highlighting pedagogy, particular skills or content within classes, and accounts of outside experiences in the many roles that they serve at St. Mark's. LEO continues to regularly showcase the variety of intellectual spark and insightful experiences to be found at the School.

Veteran St. Mark's English teacher John Camp began LEO. "I was an ardent supporter of The Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning," he said, "so when I had the idea for LEO, partnering with The Center seemed like an organic development." Today, Mr. Camp is the Associate Director of the Center, focusing on Student Enrichment. Regarding LEO, Mr. Camp declares that "with each issue, I am honored to collate and publish the brilliant work and thinking here at St. Mark's. I am thrilled that LEO gets such bandwidth so that we can spread what's happening within our walls to the global community (literally!). Since I created LEO, I sincerely feel that publishing this for SM is one of the most critical of my roles for the school."

LEO made its debut on September 14, 2013. Since then, it has been accessed in 179 different countries. Last year it doubled the number of views it received in its first year, and just two months into its fifth year it has been viewed 132,972 times. To date, a total of 386 pieces have been published, created by more than 100 different St. Mark's students, along with contributions from more than fifty adults in the School community.

Check out LEO by clicking here.