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Seven Chilean Exchange Students at St. Mark's
Seven Chilean Exchange Students at St. Mark's

Seven students from the Grange School in Santiago, Chile, are visiting campus this winter as part of an established exchange program with St. Mark's, through the SM Global Citizenship Initiative.

The students—Antonia Gigoux, Catalina Moro, Maria Larrain, Jesus Meruane, Carlos Martinez, Arturo Amberg, and Mateo Parra—are here with Veronica Rivera, Director of Admission at The Grange. They are pictured here alongside Mr. Neil Cifuentes, Assistant Director of Global Citizenship at St. Mark's.

The Grange School is a co-ed, independent day school in Santiago with an enrollment of 1,700 students from Pre-K to 12th grade. The Grange School is known for its small classes and friendly atmosphere, with most of the students coming from an international background. The Grange School has been a partner school with St. Mark's since 2014.

The visiting students are fully immersed in the academic and community life of St. Mark's. All seven live in dormitories: Gaccon, Oak, Coe, Coolidge, and Theriot houses have welcomed the visitors. Between the seven, they are taking full loads of as Fourth Formers, covering a wide range of disciplines. These include Physics, Psychology, the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Writing Workshop, Algebra II, Studio Art, Music Theory, Choir, Biology, Computer Science, Robotics, Theater, Engineering, German, Mystics and Zen Masters, and Social Justice. The seven exchange students are also participating in sports and other activities.

In this exchange program, St. Markers will also have the opportunity to travel to Santiago, Chile, live with a host family and attend The Grange School. Students who participate are expected to act as hosts for their Chilean counterparts. This program offers an excellent opportunity for students to solidify their Spanish language learning, to participate with a Chilean family to learn what life is like in Chile, and to visit some of the sites in and around Santiago.