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Science Dept. Open House Welcomes Friends Old and New
Science Dept. Open House Welcomes Friends Old and New

The St. Mark's Science Department hosted an open house on Thursday, March 1, in the School's STEM Center. Among the visitors—faculty, staff, families, and more— were some old friends, including at least one distinguished former faculty member: Mr. Richard Rader.

Each member of the Science Department had their classroom doors open for visitors all day long. "We wanted people to feel free to stop by anytime, whether it is for five minutes or forty-five minutes, and get a glimpse of what is happening here in the STEM building on a daily basis," said Science Department Chair Lindsey Lohwater. "The goal for this day," she told visitors, "is to share, spark conversation, and perhaps even drum up some fond memories of your own high school science experience!"

Over the course of the day, there were classes in robotics (Robo Maze Solving), chemistry (Molecular Geometry & Polarity, Stoichiometry, Chemical Properties and Intermolecular Forces), biology (Osmosis/Diffusion, advanced Project Teams working on PBL Cancer Unit), and physics (engineering "mousetrap race cars"). In Case Studies in Anatomy & Physiology, students were addressing the opioid epidemic. Advanced Environmental Science featured student presentations on evolution. There were also Advanced Physics and Exploration Science courses for visitors to observe.

Dick Rader, who taught physics at St. Mark's from 1959-2000, was among those visiting the STEM facility at St. Mark's that day. Mr. Rader had the opportunity to observe several classes and to meet and talk with several students. He spent time with those St. Markers participating in the Taft STEM Research Fellowship program and talked with several current members of the faculty as well.

Throughout the day, the STEM Fab Lab remained open, according to Ms. Lohwater, "in case people want to learn more and/or feel inspired to begin tinkering with the 3-D printer or laser cutter."

Overall it was a successful Open House for the St. Mark's Science Department.