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Students Inspired to Create Stories in Theater Arts Class
Students Inspired to Create Stories in Theater Arts Class

Mr. Christopher Kent, St. Mark's veteran Theater Arts teacher, gives his students a brief piece of music, instrumental, barely thirty seconds long. Dividing the class into groups of four, he asks each group to create a scene that tells a story, inspired by listening to that fragment of music, and which lasts only for the half-minute duration of the recording.

The result: a series of original dramatic mini-scenes telling pieces of stories, evoking emotions and eliciting interpretation and analysis. Mr. Kent, now in his seventh year at St. Mark's, seeks to engage students in the classroom—in this case the Black Box Studio Theater—inspiring them to stretch their creative muscles, revealing the collaborative and multifaceted nature of theater as both an art and a craft, and as an integral means of reflecting who we are as participants in the world.

In addition to the Introduction to Theater course, Mr. Kent teaches an Advanced Theater Workshop and an English course "Writing for Actors" in conjunction with the Student-Directed One Act plays each spring. He also directs major productions in both the Fall and the Winter.

The Theater Arts curriculum at St. Mark's, first established in 1974, continues to thrive, to grow, to innovate, and to inspire.