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New Monitors Announced for 2018-19 School Year
New Monitors Announced for 2018-19 School Year

At school meeting on Wednesday, April 11, the current Monitors announced the new Monitors for next year at St. Mark's. Current V Form classmates Tom Paugh and Zoe Maddox will be co-Head Monitors for 2018-19.

Working with Maddox and Paugh next year will be fellow Monitors Zenia Alarcon, Matt Hart, Shelby Howard, Kate Normandin, Rwick Sarkar and Jason Zhang. All are pictured at right with Head of School John C. Warren '74.

The Monitors are the leaders of the School. The position of Monitor at St. Mark's dates back to the School's second year of existence, in 1866-67. This is the 152nd group of Monitors to lead St. Mark's.

Congratulations to the new Monitors!