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Weather-Delayed Winter Athletic Awards Presented
Weather-Delayed Winter Athletic Awards Presented

Wrestling, Girls' Squash, Boys' Hockey Excel This Winter

After March blizzards delayed the official end-of-season ceremony, the SM Winter Athletic Awards were finally presented on Friday evening, April 13. This winter saw two St. Mark's varsity teams—Wrestling and Girls' Squash—post their winningest seasons ever, while Boys' Varsity Hockey earned a playoff berth. Once again, Boys' 3rds Basketball had an outstanding campaign, and overall it was a solid winter for SM athletics.

Varsity Wrestling went an impressive 17-2: the most victories in the history of the sport at the School. The team's .895 winning percentage and third place finish at the Graves-Kelsey Tournament were the best for St. Mark's wrestling in 42 years (the 1976 SM contingent went 10-1 and came in 2nd). Only the undefeated teams of the early 1950s and the championship seasons of 1951 and 1962 were better than the 1976 and 2018 campaigns for the Lions. And for the first time ever, the wrestling team won the Wiedergott Award.

The nine victories amassed by the Girls' Varsity Squash were the most ever in the 36-year history of that program at SM. In fact, the 9-4 campaign was its best regular season ever. And to top that off, the team was recognized with the ISL Sportsmanship Award.

Boys' Varsity Hockey also posted a winning record: at 14-10-4 earning a post-season berth. Boys' 3rds Basketball went 10-2, while Girls' JV and 3rds Squash and Boys' JV Squash also had better-than-.500 records. In fact, the entire Girls' Squash program was a most impressive 20-9-1 overall.


17-2-0 (.895)

Most Valuable Wrestler – Laquan McKever '18

Most Improved—Kareem Chambers '19

Coe Prize – To that member of the varsity wrestling team who best demonstrates skill in wrestling because of his cooperation, diligence, and courage—Anthony D'Angelo '18

All-ISL – Kareem Chambers '19, Laquan McKever '18, Connor Schumaker '19

All-ISL HM – Steven Burke '18, Luis Perez '20, Christian Dwirantwi '21, Thomas Banse '20, Anthony D'Angelo '18, Louis Lyons '20, Micah Dwirantwi '19


9-4-0 (.692) * ISL Sportsmanship Award

MVP – Summer Hornbostel '18

Most Improved – Frances Hornbostel '21

ETA (Enthusiasm, Teamwork, and Attitude) JV – Kerrie Verbeek '19

ETA 3rds – Isabelle Titcomb '18

All-ISL HM – Natalie Bartlett '18, Cricket Dotson '18, Caroline Dawson '19

JV 7-4-0 (.636) * 3rds 4-1-1 (.750)


14-10-4 regular season (.571) * 14-11-4 overall (.552)

MVP – C.J. McKennitt '18

MIP – Nolan Moore '19

Maker Prize -- To the male and female hockey players scoring the most points over the course of the season – Matt Toporowski '19

Tudor Prize -- To that hockey player in the Sixth Form who shall have shown not only excellence in the game, but also those qualities of fine sportsmanship which St. Mark's has so successfully installed into many of her athletes – Colin Boylan '18

ETA Award – Robby Harper '19

All-ISL – Matt Toporowski '19, C.J. McKennitt '18, Danny Ciccarello '20

All-ISL HM – Peter Nugent '18, Tucker Hartman '20, Justin Biela '18, Nolan Moore '19

JV 5-6-1 (.458)


12-13-1 (.481)

MVP – Caroline Peterson '18

MIP – Grace Gibbons '20

Maker Prize -- To the male and female hockey players scoring the most points over the course of the season – Caroline Peterson '18

Frey Prize – Given in memory of Laura Frey, Class of 2003, by her family and friends, The Laura Frey Ice Hockey Prize will be awarded to that member of the girls' varsity hockey team whose contribution to the team can be best characterized by sportsmanship and teamwork – Danielle Peterson '18

ETA Award – Kate Normandin '19

All-ISL – Caroline Peterson '18, Lindsey Dumond '18

JV 3-6-0 (.333)


8-9-0 (.471)

MVP – Edwardo Perez '19

MIP – Dom Mongillo '20

ETA JV – Chris Yang '21

ETA 3rds – Ryder Henry '20

All-ISL HM – Edwardo Perez '19

JV 5-6-0 (.455) * 3rds 4-2-0 (.667)


8-12-0 (.400)

MVP – Ava Limonciello '20

MIP – Brooke Farrell '21

Robb Award – to that player who best combine athletic ability with leadership, commitment, and team spirit – Hailey DuBose '18

ETA Award – Izzy Kim '18

All-ISL – Ava Limonciello '20

All-ISL HM – Mary Callahan '21

NEPSAC Class B East All-Star – Ava Limonciello '20

JV 6-7-0 (.462)


5-14-0 (.263)

MVP – Jimmy Tobin '18

MIP – Alex Batista '19

Robb Award – to that player who best combine athletic ability with leadership, commitment, and team spirit – Jon Noel '18

ETA JV – Blake Gattuso '20

ETA 3rds – Jeremiah Ojea '21

All-ISL HM – Jimmy Tobin '18, Jon Noel '18

JV 1-11-0 (.083) * 3rds 10-2-0 (.833)

THE WIEDERGOTT AWARD for best winning percentage by any team at any level (minimum 7 games played) — .895 Varsity Wrestling

.833 Boys' 3rds Basketball

.692 Girls' Varsity Squash

.636 Girls' JV Squash

.552 Boys' Varsity Hockey