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Despite Winter, Southborough School Garden Reunion Ready
Despite Winter, Southborough School Garden Reunion Ready

Despite the ravages of a harsh and prolonged winter season, the Southborough School Garden at Choate House is ready for the upcoming Reunion celebrations.

Along with the Southborough School Room in Choate House and the Southborough School wall outside of the Center in the main building, the Garden recognizes and commemorates the Southborough School for Girls, which partnered with then-all-male St. Mark's from September of 1972 through June of 1977. Southborough was a thriving, progressive, and democratic educational boarding community which coordinated itself academically, artistically, and socially with St. Mark's before being absorbed by the School's coeducation efforts in the autumn of 1977.

On Saturday, May 19, the traditional Southborough School luncheon will be held at Choate House. This is a Reunion year both for the very first Southborough School graduating class (1973) and the very first graduating class of female St. Markers (1978)—pioneers in coordinate and coeducation respectively. And as the vast majority of those first young women to take home St. Mark's diplomas were originally students at the Southborough School, alumnae from both classes will be at the Saturday luncheon.

In addition, St. Mark's recipients of the Pierson F. Melcher Prize (named after the Southborough School founder and headmaster) and officers of the Southborough Society (St. Mark's affinity group addressing women's issues, named for the Southborough School) are invited to the luncheon, along with former SS faculty and staff.

On Friday, May 4, SS alumna Mary Currier '76 spent the morning at the Southborough School Garden, planting marigolds (yellow and green are the Southborough School colors) and other flowering plants to brighten the garden in advance of Reunion Weekend.