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Nine Students Awarded Class of 1968 Fellowship Grants
Nine Students Awarded Class of 1968 Fellowship Grants

At School Meeting on Wednesday, May 9, nine St. Markers were awarded Class of 1968 Fellowship Grants.

Established at their 25th reunion in 1993, the Class of 1968 created this fund to provide opportunities for students to participate in a fellowship program or independent project the summer before graduation. The members of the Class of 1968 review the proposals and make the award decisions. As part of the program, each grant recipient must share the outcomes of their projects with the St. Mark's community during the fall.

Megan Christy, a V Former from Southborough, MA, intends to research stent grafts and take steps to design a regenerative intravascular stent graft. "I want to learn about general manufacturing of stent grafts, then create and test my own model, and finally publish what I learned," says Christy. "I plan to work with Dr. Jeff Solomon, an interventional radiologist turned veterinary medical device entrepreneur, who will help advise my research."

Connor Browder, a V Former from Greenwich, CT, plans to "zoom in on the hardware aspect of a computer in a much less confusing fashion than simply tearing open a desktop computer." Once the Kano Laptop has been completed and exercised to his purposes, three young students, chosen by SMCode, will each be given a Kano Laptop so that they may have a hands-on experience learning about STEM.

June Seong, a V Former from Seoul, South Korea, will be researching and studying shamanism in Modern Korean society. "Korean shamanism has been a subject of great interest in many areas of study, including anthropology, psychology, history, and psychoanalysis," she notes. "I will study and explore how the interaction with political agendas and other faiths have shaped the modern form of Korean Shamanism."

Ethan Student, a V Former from Hopkinton, MA, will be constructing custom truck bumpers and adjacent systems (light bar and winch). "This project will help further develop my passion and education in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics, and physics," says Student.

Katherine Ewald, a V Former from Tiburon, CA, will be utilizing her Class of 1968 grant to pursue her passion for music. "I will travel to Los Angeles to record several original songs in a studio and possibly meet with several record labels," she says.

Jenny Shan, a V Former from Hangzhou, China, intends to develop a computer program that predicts the volume of bike rentals in Hangzhou everyday. "The program can be utilized to minimize the waste of bike production, and will be able to apply to other cities in China," she writes. "I also want to learn more about big data analysis. As computer science is the trend of technological advancements, I want to explore it incorporating a specific field study."

Stephanie Moon, a V Former from Seongnam, South Korea, will be organizing and producing a charity concert to raise money for establishing medical colleges and expanding access to healthcare in Zambia. "I will rent the concert hall at which my friends and I would be performing and print the posters, tickets, and pamphlets relevant to this concert," says Moon.

Cait Lochhead, a V Former from Southborough, MA, will take songwriting classes and book time at a recording studio. "I will have a song completely produced and released on iTunes or SoundCloud," she declares. "I will also be performing my song at the Year End Concert and the Final Concert in 2019."

Sophia Liu, a V Former from Beijing, China, wants to "show the beauty of Beijing and bring about others to share my joy of magical discoveries in Beijing." She will do this, she says "through photography and writing. Combining these two passions, I propose to create an original tourist guide/handbook for Beijing in the form of a website available to everyone around the world."

In attendance at Wednesday's School meeting for the presentation of these Fellowship Grants were members of the St. Mark's Class of 1968: Bob Masland, Chris Stack, and Mike Kinnicutt. All three, along with five of this year's recipients, are pictured here.

Congratulations to all these enterprising St. Markers, all of whom exemplify both the intellectual and creative spirit central to the St. Mark's experience.