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Colin Capenito '19 Wins Shen Prize for History Speech
Colin Capenito '19 Wins Shen Prize for History Speech

On Thursday, May 10, Colin Capenito '19 won the Shen Public Speaking Prize competition, for his speech about the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

The Shen Prize is awarded to the winner of a public speaking competition among Advanced U.S. History students at St. Mark's on the topic of "democracy." The prize is given by Y.L Shen in honor of his daughters, Ing-ie (Ava) Shen of the Class of 1988 and Ing-Chuan (Judy) Shen of the Class of 1989.

Three students—Capenito, Matthew Gates, and Rosanna Zhao—competed for this year's Shen Prize, delivering their speeches in the Center Presentation Room before a large crowd of interested students, faculty, and staff. This year's theme was the expansion and/or contraction of democracy. Gates, a V Former from Natick, MA, spoke about the Electoral College. Zhao, a V Former from Shanghai, China, chose as her topic the American response to the Holocaust. Capenito, a V Former from Worcester, MA, addressed the expanding influence of the Federal Reserve System since its creation in 1913 and its impingement on the authority of a democratically elected Congress.

Head of School John C. Warren '74 congratulated Capenito upon his successful presentation.