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Lions Roar Ceremony Closes Successful Lion Term
Lions Roar Ceremony Closes Successful Lion Term

On Thursday morning, June 7, the first-ever Lions Roar awards ceremony was held to honor a successful finish to the 2018 Lion Term.

It began with a Red Carpet entrance through the Putnam Family Arts Center's Class of 1951 lobby. The official Lions Roar ceremony opened with Oysterwar (V Formers in the Lion Term Music Production group) playing their original song "Brighton Lights" on the stage in the Class of 1945 Hall. Faculty member Liz McColloch, Director of Lion Term, then welcomed everyone and then turned the show over to student leaders.

St. Markers told the stories of their Lion Term experiences. There were special videos about the III Form at Brantwood, the Lions Roam trip to Iceland, and the VI Form global service experience in West Virginia. There was also a slide show featuring photos of several VI Form Lion Term projects.

A number of awards were handed out to both students and faculty, representing the best of Lion Term in a variety of categories. Awards went to both individuals and to teams of students in different Forms.

A "jigsaw puzzle" of IV Form service opportunities was presented by representatives of each activity. A V Form cohort introduced the therapeutic ball pit they had designed and built, demonstrating its use for facilitating conversation. The Sneakers! Cohort presented Mr. Warren with a shoe designed and produced especially for him.

Mr. Warren handed out the Best of Lion Term (BLT) awards. Then students conveyed their thanks to the faculty and staff who had worked so hard to make the 2018 Lion Term so successful. Finally, next year's Monitors led the entire community in a closing cheer.