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Early Sports, Registration, Orientation: 2018-19 Underway
Early Sports, Registration, Orientation: 2018-19 Underway

A week filled with returning student leaders, pre-season practices, registration, and orientation saw the 2018-19 academic year get underway.

Student leaders came to campus on Monday, September 3. Athletes began early sports on Tuesday, September 4, while new students registered on Wednesday, followed by a full day of orientation. On Friday, September 7, the remaining returning students arrived for their registration. All this was in preparation for St. Mark's 154th year of operation.

This year the School welcomes 110 new students, joining 254 returning St. Markers for a total enrollment of 364. There are 270 boarders and 90 day students, together representing 20 states and 15 different countries.

Orientation began almost immediately for the newest members of the St. Mark's family, followed by a special Chapel service on Wednesday evening, where they learned about the School motto ("Age Quod Agis"), the School mascot (the winged lion of St. Mark), the School Hymn ("Sun of My Soul") and the School prayer.

Thursday featured a full day of orientation events for new St. Markers, as well as more pre-season practices. Students got to know each other and to discover the St. Mark's campus and the School community. Then, on Friday, the remainder of returning students registered.

Everyone is looking forward to another outstanding year at St. Mark's, in the true spirit of Age Quod Agis!