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Seven to Be Honored as Distinguished Alumni
Seven to Be Honored as Distinguished Alumni

In January, seven St. Markers will be inducted into the School's Cloister of Distinguished Alumni/ae. Mason Hammond '21, George Putnam '45, the Hon. C. Boyden Gray '60, Edward A. Taft '69, William B. Ewald III '72, Michael Boulware Moore '80, and Chrysanthe L. Gussis '87 will be honored. The induction ceremony will take place on Friday, January 25, at 6 PM in the Putnam Family Arts Center's Class of 1945 Hall, following a reception and chapel service.

Mason Hammond '21 – scholar, author, and one of the Monuments Men who helped help save the cultural and artistic history of Europe during the Second World War. (inducted posthumously)

George Putnam '45 - business leader, renaissance man: a public servant in the arts, sciences, education, the media, government, and the law.

The Hon. C. Boyden Gray '60 – diplomat and public servant, lawyer and environmentalist; recipient of the Presidential Citizens Medal.

Edward A. Taft '69 – tech pioneer instrumental in developing the Portable Document Format (PDF), at Adobe; an advocate for STEM education.

William B. Ewald III '72 – internationally recognized scholar in legal philosophy, comparative law, and the foundation of mathematics.

Michael Boulware Moore '80 – business and community leader; brand strategy advisor and consultant; president and CEO of the International African American Museum.

Chrysanthe L. Gussis '87 –lawyer, business leader, innovator in solar energy financing.