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Diversity, Equity, Identity: John Gentile Visits St. Mark's
Diversity, Equity, Identity: John Gentile Visits St. Mark's

On Thursday, January 3, nationally recognized equity and inclusion practitioner John Gentile visited St. Mark's. His visit was sponsored by the School's Community and Equity program.

Mr. Gentile currently serves as the co-Director of the Office for Identity, Culture, and Institutional Equity at the Horace Mann School (Bronx, N.Y.). He is a founding faculty member of the National Diversity Practitioners Institute (NDPI) and he has been a faculty member for the National Association of Independent Schools' Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC) since 2009. He is also part of The Glasgow Group, an organization providing professional development, consulting, speaking engagements, and coaching for schools, individuals, and organizations in leadership, cultural competency, and strategic initiatives. At both the Glasgow Group and the SDLC he has worked with Loris Adams, director of community and equity at St. Mark's.

Specializing in whiteness, gender identity, and LGBTQ+ issues, Mr. Gentile has led workshops, facilitated dialogues and affinity groups, and trained faculty at numerous institutions. He is a co-founder of the conference (Re)defining Power: White Male Voices in Diversity Work, a space for middle- and high-school white male students wanting to explore their role in equity and justice work. In 2007, Gentile received the Princeton Prize for Race Relations. He also serves on the New York State Association of Independent Schools Diversity Committee.

At St. Mark's, Mr. Gentile met with faculty, and then had lunch with students from the School's White Spaces affinity group. After lunch, the entire St. Mark's community assembled in the Putnam Family Arts Center's Class of 1945 Hall, where Gavin Gattuso '20 introduced Mr. Gentile. On stage, Gentile sat down with Olivia Hammond '19 and Felicity Keyzer-Pollard '21, who asked him a series of questions about his own experiences, identity, diversity, whiteness, and more. He then took questions from the audience. Later that evening, Gentile attended dinner in the dining hall and met with more students and faculty.

John Gentile's honest, insightful, and informative presentations were very well received by the St. Mark's community. Next on the calendar for the Community and Equity program is the annual Community and Equity Day at St. Mark's on Friday, January 11. Then, in April, St. Mark's will once again host the Association of Independent Schools of New England (AISNE) Diversity Conference.